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Major Nand Kishor Dhaka (Born 12 May,1970) in a small village Thebri in Didwana tehsil of Nagaur.


He joined the prestigeous Jat Regiment on 07 January 1988 to serve our motherland after doing his matriculation from Govt Somani Senior Higher Secondary School Maulasar. He always believes in 'Simple living and high thinking' and was never satisfied by just joining the Indian Army.

He struggled hard and continued his studies despite the rigerous training, very tough and busy life as a soldier and never gave up. He made it in The Entrance Exam and was selected by SSB on 23 April 1994 and was commissioned as Lt in the Sikh Regiment on 13 June 1998.

He was subsequently posted to Sikh Regimental Training Centre where he motivated large number of recruits to become 'Commissioned Officers'. With his efforts and peresonnl involvement two of his recruits were selected in SSB to undergo training to become Commissioned Officers in the Indian Army.

He feels that much needs to be done to improve the quality of education in rural Rajasthan for which we can not be totally dependent on the govt.


Maj. Nand Kishor Dhaka - Date of Birth : 12-May-1970. VPO - Thebri, TEH- Didwana, DISTT- Nagaur, Rajasthan, Resident Phone Number : 9680591809, Mobile Number : 8107382066, Email Address:


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