Major Ram Narain Dahiya

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Major Ram Narain Dahiya of Village Kirholi of Kirholi/Prahaladpur 1914-1983 was famous for building 9996/3 in the early 1950s, a building in New Delhi-5 which came to be known as Kaptaan House and became so famous that letters addressed to his tenents with Kaptaan House, Delhi would always find their way! He is survived by his son Rishi Raj Singh who married Santosh Choudhary the youngest daughter of Ch. Jee Sukh Ram ji Sihag of V. Chautala who was adopted, raised, educated and married off by her Mausi Bhama Shah L. Smt. Saraswati Devi ji Adhyapika of Purani Abadi, Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan. Rishi Raj was till recently with the faculty of the Indian [Foreign Service Institute], Old JNU Campus, New Delhi and now Second Secretary with the Embassy of India, Astana, Kazakhstan, CIS. Major Dahiya's daughter Kamla married Col. R.B. Singh, the Army's Boxing Coach, Refree & Judge, who till recently worked as Director(Technical) with the CWG 2010link title. His grandsons are Senior Software Professionals and live and work on the US east coast.

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