Majra Dabas

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Majra Dabas (माजरा डबास) is a village in North West Delhi. The village comprises of 2 pannas, i.e. - Budhampur Majra and Salahpur Majra.

Jat gotras


The village diety is Dada Johri Aala and is worshipped by all villagers regardless of cast and social status. on every full-moon night {Pooranmaashi} there is a big event organised at village and all people from village and those who are settled outside come and seek blessings from Dada Johri Aala. The Jat gotra of this village is Dabas, the same gotra is spread across 13-14 neibhoughring villages.


Notable persons

  • Chand Pahalwaan was a very fomous wrestler of old times and belonged to this village.
  • Purn Singh Dabas - Retired Professor (2000). DOB:10.7.1938. Served as Professor in Delhi University and Piking. Originally from Majra Dabas. Settled in Delhi, Address: M-93, Saket, New Delhi. Mob:9818211771[2]

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