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Manais is a Muslim Jat clan found in Pakistan.



Jat Gotras Namesake

Mention by Pliny

Pliny[1] mentions The Ariani and the adjoining Nations..... the towns of Pucolis, Lyphorta, the desert of the Methorgi25, the river Manais26, the nation of the Acutri, the river Eorum, the nation of the Orbi, the Pomanus, a navigable river in the territories of the Pandares, the Apirus in the country of the Suari, with a good harbour at its mouth, the city of Condigramma, and the river Cophes27; into which last flow the navigable streams of the Saddaros28, the Parospus, and the Sodanus.

25 Parisot says that this is the desert region now known as Eremaier, to the east of Mount Maugracot.

26 As Parisot remarks, our author is now approaching the sea-shore; these places, however, do not appear to have been identified.

27 Not the same as the river Cophen or Cophes mentioned in c. 24, the modern Kabul. Hardouin takes it to be the same as the Arbis or Arabius of Ptolemy, the modern Hilmend or Ilmend.

28 Parisot seems to think that the modern names of these rivers are the Sal, the Ghir, and the Ilmentel, which, according to him, flow into the Ilmend.


Distribution in Pakistan

According to 1901 census the Manais Population was 332 in Montgomery.

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