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Mandar (मंडार) is a Jat Gotra.[1]


Jat Gotras Namesake

Mention by Pliny

Pliny[2] mentions Lake Mieotis and the adjoining nations....Others again represent the Ocharius as running through the Cantici and the Sapæi, and the Tanais as passing through the territories of the Sarcharcei, the Herticei, the Spondolici, the Synhietæ, the Anasi, the Issi, the Catetæ, the Tagoræ, the Caroni, the Neripi, the Agandei, the Mandarei, the Satarchei, and the Spalei.

Mention by Pliny

Pliny[3] mentions Nations situated around the Hyrcanian Sea.... Below the district inhabited by them (Mardi), we find the nations of the Orciani, the Commori, the Berdrigæ, the Harmatotropi,11 the Citomaræ, the Comani, the Marucæi, and the Mandruani.

The rivers here are the Mandrus and the Chindrus.12

11 This appears to mean the nations of "Chariot horse-breeders."

12 In former editions, called the 'Gridinus.' It is impossible to identify many of these nations and rivers, as the spelling varies considerably in the respective MSS.



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