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Location of Gudha Malani in Barmer District

Nagar (), is a village in Gudha Malani tehsil of Barmer district in Rajasthan.



The Founders


It is mentioned by James Tod[1]: Nagar (Gurha) — This is a large town on the west bank of the Luni River, of four to five hundred houses, but many deserted since the famine, which has almost depopulated this region. In 1813 the inhabitants were flying as far as the Ganges, and selling themselves and offspring into slavery to save life.

James Tod[2] writes that Nagar Gurha. — Between Barmer and Nagar-Gurha on the Luni is one immense continuous thal, or rather rui, containing deep jungles of khair, or kher, khejra, karil, khep, phog, whose gums and berries are turned to account by the Bhils and Kolis of the southern districts. Nagar and Gurha are two large towns on the Luni , on the borders of the Chauhan raj of Suigam, and formerly part of it.

Jat Gotras


Population of Nagar according to Census 2001 is 1,276 including males 648 and females 628.

Notable Persons

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