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Naresh Kadyan, Member, IUCN Commission on Education and Communication, Chief National Commissioner, Scouts and Guides for Animals and Birds, National Authority for Animal Welfare, OIPA: Indian People for Animals, C-38, Rose Apartment, Prashant Vihar, Rohini, Delhi - 110085, besides it running and managing Maa Prem Kaur Gaushala, supported by the United Nation affiliated International Organization for Animal Protection in India with active participation of Mrs. Sharda Kadyan, Abhishek Kadyan, Mrs. Suman Kadyan and Mrs. Sukanya Kadyan Berwal with Manjeet Berwal.


1. M.A in Journalism & Mass Communication. 2. Post Graduate in Mass Communication & Journalism. 3. Diploma in Footwear Technology. 4. Advance Course in Footwear Technology with Distinction. 5. Master Trainer of the Animal Welfare Board of India. along with refresher courses in animal welfare from NIAW.


1. Naresh Kadyan compiled a Book in Hindi on all animal related laws & the notifications , which English version is under print -[1], published another book in Hindi based on four legislation's This book can be obtained from <> 2. Pashu Kalyan or Pashu Sampada, title by former President of India, our beloved Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Smt. Sukanya Berwal was co-compiler with Naresh Kadyan MEMBERSHIP:- He was elected as a member of the Clothing & Footwear Institute, London in 1988.


The bright and social son of bright and social father, Naresh Kumar Kadyan has got present, past and surely future would be enlightened with hundreds of sun. His life had been committed for his career and later on got focused on dumb and helpless animals and their protection from cruel weapon, insensitive interest and greed of humanity. He founded and present chairperson of ‘PFA Haryana’, which is running under his guidelines & concern for the protection of animals and their rights. Today his only aim is to provide animals awarded with their core rights to live and breath in this God’s created and mankind controlled world. His contribution for animal welfare and conservation is an in erasable mark on the slate of history and mankind.



1. Graduate from Punjab University, Chandigarh. 2. Master’s degree in Journalism & Mass communication from Tamilnadu along with Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication from Kurukshetra.

3. Achieved Diploma in Footwear Technology.

4. Advance course in Footwear Technology with Distinction from Madras.

5. Master Trainer, Animal Welfare Board of India.

6. Elected as a member of the Clothing & Footwear Institute, London in 1988.

7. Press Correspondent for "Jagirti" - A Khadi & Village Industries Commission publication since 1994.

8. He got elected three times as a State President for the Haryana, ‘Khadi Gramodyog Employees Union’.

9. Have been Founder Secretary General of the National K & V.I Boards Employees Federation.

10. Have been State President of the ‘Akhil Bhartiya Gramodyog Mahasangh’.

11. Founder Chairman of the People for Animals Haryana, which was affiliated with RSPCA in past - London & recognized by the AWBI.

12. National Convener of the ‘Pashu-Pakshi Raksha Adhikar Samiti’ under ‘Sarvdeshik Arya Pritinidhi Sabha’ -World Council of Arya Samaj.

12. Is an Ex. Inspector of Haryana State – AWBI.

13. Is an Ex. Duty Magistrate Prohibition in Haryana Govt.

14. Nodal Inspecting Authority for Haryana & adjoining area of Rajasthan in the Ministry of Environment & Forests (Govt. of India).

15. Has been Nominee of CPCSEA - Govt. of India.

16. Compiled a Book in Hindi on the basis of the animal related laws, naming ‘Pashuoon Ke Prati Krurta Niwaran’.

17. Filed 40 Public Interest Litigations in the High Courts with 100 % positive results, such as Unbranded eatables, SYL, Misuse of oxytocin injections, Former Indian Cricket Team Captain Nawab M.A Khan Pataudi black buck poaching in Haryana, Elephant Polo in Jaipur, Wildlife Trophies, Dog Marriages in Jaipur, Encroachments, Appointment of Lokpal in Haryana, Formation of a Human Rights Commission in Haryana, Charki Dadri Kadyan-Sangwan Khap & Jakholi (Kaithal) Kadyan-Lohan Khap matter.

18. Has been running ambulance & shelter for animals in distress.

19. Worked as a District Khadi & Village Industries officer at Faridabad, Gurgaon, Palwal, Mewat,Rewari, Rohtak, Narnaul.

20. PETA, WTI along with Administration appreciate the work & issue certificates.

21. On the eve of WORLD ANIMAL DAY on 4th. October, 2007 he is going to publish a paper on ANIMAL RIGHTS & THEIR WELFARE issue.

22. On the eve of COMMONWEALTH GAMES - 2010 in Delhi he is doing very nice job adoption of stray dogs.

23. For new independent capital along with High Court for Haryana - a online petitions with reservations for JAT in Haryana.

24. To save RAM SETU - online petition

25. To review & amend the present laws of India for animals

He is the man who took the JAT LUTERA matter in the Punjab & Haryana High Court at Chandigarh for removal of unwanted comments on the JAT's community in the books & take up the matter with HRD Minister Sh. Arjun Singh. Now he has moved another public interest litigation in the High Court at Chandigarh about the wildlife trophies along with other animal rights & their welfare issues & matter is under consideration before the Hon'ble High Court at Chandigarh. Naresh Kadyan arrange a walk for animals on Aug. 15th., 07 at Janter Manter - Delhi , on Oct. 2nd., 07 on the eve of the INTERNATIONAL NON-VIOLENCE DAY open painting competition along with WORLD ANIMAL DAY on Oct. 4th.,07 awareness compaign will be organised in Delhi. Nominated as a Member of the State Committee for Slaughter Houses (Govt. of Haryana) and his proposals accepted by the state committee, animal transportation in goods vehicles banned in Haryana.

Activity brief

Whereas Gandhian Ideologist, philosopher, environmentalist, trade unionist, social reformer, RTI and animal rights activist Naresh Kadyan, former Duty Magistrate and District Khadi and Village Industries Officer, Nominee of CPCSEA, Nodal Inspecting Authority for Animal Welfare Division (Govt. of India), Non official Member, State Committee for Slaughter Houses (Govt. of Haryana), Chairman of the People for Animals (PFA) Haryana, representing United Nations affiliated the International Organisation for Animal Protection - OIPA in India –, Master Trainer, Animal Welfare Board of India, Volunteers of the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change) and Advisor cum Consultant to Hindustan Salt Limited (Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises) and Commissioner (Headquarters), Bharat Scouts and Guides, Haryana Naresh Kadyan, C-38, Rose Apartment, sector-14, Prashant Vihar, Rohini, Delhi was born on October 10, 1961 in village Siwana, Jhajjar District of Haryana, Master in Journalism and Mass Communication along with Post Graduate Diploma in J&MC, Diploma in Footwear Technology along with Advance course with ‘Distinction’, elected as Member of the Clothing and Footwear Institute, London on November 8, 1988, had been a reporter for the ‘Jagiriti’, a journal of the Khadi and Village Industries Commission – KVIC. Naresh Kadyan have successfully organized many camps on blood donation, eye donation, plantation, awareness about social evils like dowry, honour killings, illiteracy, infants marriage, killing of female child etc. , he has been elected three time state President of the Haryana Khadi Board Employees Union and founder Secretary General, National Khadi and Village Industries Board Employees Federation (An apex body of all state’s KVIB Employees Unions). He has arranged blood donation camp on January 30th, 1996 with the Haryana Khadi and Village Industries Board at Manimajra, Chandigarh and then on October 2nd, 1996 with District Administration, Gurugram followed by another on October 2nd, 1997. Naresh Kadyan is a first complainant under the Right to Information Act, 2005 as he has moved complaint on 19-10-2005, asking about 370 in J&K and compiled a book on animal related laws in Hindi, like wise he prepared a book on animal slaughtering. Naresh Kadyan has been Duty Magistrate during prohibition policy in Haryana. Animals are being abused during transportation, 29 oxen and 59 Rajasthani calves rescued and then moved campaign to ban animal transportation in goods transport vehicles, maximum FIR's were lodged against offenders and animals were rescued, then Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment (Govt. of India) made a documentary on live raids in midnight at Bahadurgarh. Naresh Kadyan compiled a book in Hindi on the animal related laws in India. The National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal injecting Oxytocin injections for lactation on the Buffaloes but Naresh Kadyan lodged FIR against animal abuse because it was a crime as per section 12 of the PCA Act, 1960 then he moved public interest litigation before High Court at Chandigarh. A special cattle train was caught by Naresh Kadyan on 10th December, 2000 for the violation of the animal related legislation's, banned oxytocin was recovered which were injected in 5 boogies 65 cows for lactation and these all accused were punished by the concerned court at Faridabad, similar special cattle train of 40 boogies was also stopped for the violation of animal related laws, FIR was lodged with the GRP, Gaziabad on 28th December, 2000 and the Allahabad High court upheld the objections raised by Naresh Kadyan, animals were rescued, handed over to the local animal shelters. Border Security Force - BSF also shifting camels in a cruel manner from Rajasthan to Delhi for Republic parade but this animal abuse was exposed by Naresh Kadyan, in Jammu and Kashmir horses were abused at Katra then Naresh Kadyan moved first complaint on 19th October, 2005 under Right to Information Act, 2005 raising this issue because due to special status state as per the Constitution of India, Indian animal related laws are not enforced over there. Sheep's and Goats are being abused under Indian Army supply cover but Naresh Kadyan exposed this crime against animals as well. The Govt. of India made out rules for slaughter houses in 2001 and these rules were implemented by Naresh Kadyan lodging FIR against illegal slaughter houses in Ballabgarh (Faridabad). Conchs and corals are also banned in India; Naresh Kadyan found these articles in Kurukshetra, Mathura, Haridwar and legal actions have been initiated. He has contributed a lot and a man behind rehabilitation of the performing animals like lion, bear, panther, monkey and bear, due to his efforts all dancing bears are now out from the Indian roads and streets because he introduced a scheme for rehabilitation of kalandher along with their performing animals like monkey and bear, later this scheme was successfully implemented by the Wildlife SOS and Wildlife Trust of India, more than 600 dancing bears rescued and no one left to perform in captivity. He has rescued many dancing bears from the Kalanders, lodged FIR with the Police Station, Sonipat, Salhawas, Gurugram, Faridabad (Haryana) and Shalimar Bagh in Delhi. He played a key role to rescue 29 performing lions and a bear from the Russian Komal circus from Palwal in Haryana, Asiad circus from Dehradun, Amar circus from Karnal, laxmi female sick elephant was also rescued from Dhand in Kaithal and same was shifted to Delhi Zoo, which was died later, Apollo circus at Meerut, and Western circus at Gurugram. He has contributed with the ZEE News to rescue African lion Narsinhma from a farm house of Muzaffar Nagar, this lion belongs to Asian circus and Naresh Kadyan lodged a complaint against this circus while stationed at Gurugram, owner ran away along with two lions and cub from Gurugram, both lions were died at farm house and cub Narsinhma became adult, same was rescued and rehabilitated in rescue center at Nahar Garh, Jaipur after lodging FIR against offenders with Dalanwala Police station. Naresh Kadyan, a whistle blower of former captain of Indian cricket team Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi black buck hunting along with two hares in 2005, he took the carcass for postmortem cum identification of species to Delhi zoo and he is faces criminal proceedings for his strong activism. Animal Welfare Board of India - AWBI recognized his work declaring Star of the month, later he strongly opposed accused bail in the High Court at Chandigarh and raised the jurisdiction issue and get trial shifted from Jhajjar to Special Environment court at Faridabad. A black buck and Chinkara was illegally captured by the Air Force Station, Sirsa officials and make unrecognized mini zoo within the Air Force station premises but Naresh Kadyan moved complaint, both animals were rescued and rehabilitated at Deer park, Hissar. The Chief Wild Life Warden of Haryana failed to take legal action then he filed a complaint before Special Environment Court at Kurukshetra, likewise a black buck was hunted in Udmi village of Panipat, FIR was lodged and when due to politically pressure Administration moved to cancel the case but Naresh Kadyan moved complaint in this case as well before the Special Environment Court at Kurukshetra. A black buck was also found in the captivity of a Chairman, Haryana Tourism Corporation's residence at Dharuheda but same was also rescued and rehabilitated in Rohtak zoo by Naresh Kadyan, due to this strong activism Naresh Kadyan was harassed by then Haryana Govt. A black buck was captured by the officials of Wildlife science faculty of Aligarh Muslim University, same was rescued by the UP Wildlife Department without any legal action against offenders but Naresh Kadyan lodged FIR No. 491 dated 9th July, 2011 against five officials of the faculty as well. Elephant polo was held at Jaipur in 2006 but Naresh Kadyan raised the issue and then moved public interest litigation about elephant abuse, Rajasthan High Court - Jaipur Bench banned the operation of Iron Ankush on the PIL moved by him. Chimpanzee was abused in the feature film Janseen, Elephants in Jodha Akbar, horses in Drona and all these issues were raised by Naresh Kadyan. Mongoose is a protected wild animal but people used its hair paint brushes. Naresh Kadyan moved a campaign in India for awareness and many legal actions were initiated like huge mongoose hairs along with paint brushes were recovered from Ambala Cant, Gurugram, Bhiwani, Faridabad, Ballabgarh, Narnaul, Rewari, Bahadurgarh in Haryana, Jahangirpuri in Delhi and in Hyderabad, where as this project was sponsored by the Wildlife Trust of India. Leopards are being killed due to conflict between human beings with the wild animals, leopards were killed at Jind, Karnal, Mewat, Gurugram and Faridabad, unlawfully captured in Yamunanagar and FIR was lodged by Naresh Kadyan, besides it one was badly beaten in Mewat another was illegally captured by a farm house owner in Gurugram but all these issues were raised by Naresh Kadyan. Many online petitions successfully operated to get support of local and International communities, due to his strong campaigning peacock feathers trade was proposed to be banned, the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 and the Wild Life Protection Act, 1972 draft bills were prepared for replacement of PCA Act, 1960 with the Animal Welfare Act, 2011 and to amend the WP Act, 1972. Adoption of Zoo animals in Haryana scheme was introduced by the Chief Wild Life Warden and motivation campaign was initiated by Naresh Kadyan at his own. Elephants can be openly traded from the official cattle fairs but Naresh Kadyan raised his voice for amendment in the concerned legislation. He has recovered 30,000 plastic Indian flag before Independence day in Delhi then mobile fast to get ban on Elephant polo in Jaipur, same was canceled by the Carlsberg beer, in past Naresh Kadyan moved PIL against Cartier Elephant polo in 2006 and Iron Ankush was banned by the Rajasthan High Court (Jaipur Bench). Presently he is campaigning to get ban on meat export and illegal animal slaughtering in Gazipur Slaughter house in Delhi by Allana’s, Cancellation of White Tiger inbreeding in Madhya Pradesh, Where as concerned officials are backing it for profit and tourism promotion. Campaigning for food, water and treatment for Tripoli Zoo animals in Libya during war, Campaign against Factory Farming in India, FIR has been lodged with the Madhuban Police station against Rabbit farm and owners were hold guilty, punished as per legal provisions by the local court, moved petition before the Chief Election Commissioner of India for freezing the Elephant symbol of BSP, online petition has been delivered to the Chief Election Commissioner of India on November 3, 2011. Complaint against Jumbo Circus has been lodged by Naresh Kadyan to rescue blind hippo, docked tail dogs, feathers chopped birds, abused horses, camels, cats and elephants. Raised his voice against the National Dairy Research Institute – NDRI, Central Board of Excise and Customs, Income Tax Department, Delhi State Rifle Association, Haryana Public Service Commission, State Government of Himachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Haryana Police, Punjab Police, Gujarat Police, Assam Police, Goa Police, Tamil Nadu Police, Delhi Police, Manipur Police, Kolkata Police, Karnataka State Police, Bangalore City Police, Rajasthan Police, Utter Pradesh Police, Madhya Pradesh Police, Indian Ordnance Factories (Ministry of Defense), Jharkhand High Court, Ranchi building and Mizoram Legislative Assembly, which insulting the National Emblem of India, where as Haryana Police comes forward to remove the errors after Naresh Kadyan complaint. HE the Governor of Tripura breach the agreement and violated the set procedure, guidelines of the Government of India being an Padma Shri awardees but Naresh Kadyan taken up this matter as well, he has further raised his voice about the rank of the Indian Police, Para Military Forces, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India along with the Indian Army because their badges also don’t have Satyameva Jayate. Punjab Police and Haryana Police replaced original emblem. Naresh Kadyan also successfully campaign against the attack on Indian students in Australia, radio-tagging scores of Indian students duped by a "sham" university in California, castles reservation cover for all communities based on financial status, removal of Lord Ganesha image from the Indica beer / Goddess Laxmi image from non-vegetarian burger / Vests, spread peace and harmony after terrorist attack on Mumbai 26/11, awareness campaigning about Ram Setu, Yamuna, Taj Mahal, Sparrows, Vultures and holy Ganga with the full support of International communities, he is the man behind getting approved of the pension benefits scheme to the Haryana Khadi and Village Industries Board employees. Much International community’s recommended Naresh Kadyan, to be a political voice for animals in the Indian Parliament. He successfully campaign against lifting ban of beef export from India, conducted raids to recover oxytocin injections from the general merchants in Rewari. Holy lord Buddha image was fixed on shoes by the USA based ICON but Naresh Kadyan lodged complaint to ban the website and Face book page in India. The National Defense Academy – NDA, Army Service Core violated the state emblem legislation but Naresh Kadyan raised his voice against emblem insult, raised his voice against Jet Airways for killing of two pugs. Farmers of Baghola with adjoining Mathura villages wheat crops was protected from fire by Naresh Kadyan, Pakistani Hindu families approached him for shelter and same was provided in the Gaushala run and managed by Kadyan family. The Govt. of Haryana amended the Haryana Cattle Fairs Act, 1970 with the Haryana Cattle Fairs (Amendment) Bill, 2013 deleting elephant trading in Haryana on Naresh Kadyan complaint, likewise matter has been taken up with the Govt. of Punjab to ban Elephant trading, the PMO, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Indian Embassy, Paris, National Commission for Scheduled Caste, Punjab and Haryana Court website insulted Indian National Flag, matter was taken up with concerned Authorities by Naresh Kadyan, costly articles were snatched from the pilgrims of Kedarnath in Uttrakhand during natural calamity; complaint was lodged with Uttrakhand Police by Naresh Kadyan. He has managed many PIL’s and online petitions, as he has spent 30 years active service for the development of Khadi and Village Industries, mankind, animals, wildlife, nature and society as well, proceed on voluntary retirement on August 7, 2014 from the Haryana Khadi and Village Industries Board, due to disability of INLD Chief, Naresh Kadyan moved mercy petition before President of India and CM, Delhi, to suspend his conviction. Main PIL’s moved by Naresh Kadyan and awareness campaign on the following issues, which were supported by the International community’s: 1. Ban on unbranded eatables, directions were issued by the High court. 2. Removal of encroachments from Gram Panchyat, gauchar and common land all over India, contempt of Court petition moved in case of Rally village of Panchkula. 3. Lokayukta was appointed in Haryana, on the basis of PIL moved by Naresh Kadyan. 4. Appointments of consumer form members along with setting up Haryana Human Rights Commission, PIL was moved and decided in favour. 5. NHRC petitions during Kadyan Sangwan khap disputes, likewise dispute amongst Jat’s and Khumar of Ahulana village in Sonipat. 6. Marriage dispute between Kadyan and Lohan gotra matters. 7. Satluz Yamuna Link Canal – SYL matter in the High Court at Chandigarh, likewise Right to Water petition was moved before the National Human Rights Commission. 8. Ban on same gotra marriages, PIL was moved in the Supreme Court of India then in the Delhi High Court. 9. Amendments in the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, replacement of this toothless legislation with strong law, draft for Animal Welfare Act, 2011 was prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Forest. 10. Ban on peacock feathers trade, Ministry of Environment and Forest issued draft for amendment in the existed laws. 11. Ban on elephant polo and iron ankush, PIL was moved in the Jaipur Bench of Rajasthan High Court, which was decided in favour with directions to ban iron ankush on elephants, introduction of rules and regulations for betterment of animals. 12. Langur was abused in Escorts, Gupta Exim, Prithla, PGI at Chandigarh and another company in Orangabad, FIR lodged against all offenders by Naresh Kadyan, besides it injured bird was rescued from the National Institute of Financial Management (NIFM), during this rescue Langur was found in captivity to keep away common monkey from the premises of NIFM, same matter taken up with the management, exposed under RTI Act, 2005. 13. Oxytocin injections were operated on Buffaloes for lactation by the NDRI, Karnal, FIR was lodged and then PIL moved in the High Court, directions were issued on this PIL. 14. Wildlife Trophies declaration matter was taken up as per the policy of Ministry of Environment and Forest and exposed many illegal trophies. Delhi Public School at Bamni Kheda in Palwal penalized for keeping undeclared wild animal specimen, besides it PIL was also moved before Delhi High Court. 15. Right to Information Act, 2005 was enforced on October 12, 2005 but first petition moved on October 19, 2005 by Naresh Kadyan directly to the Hon'ble Speaker of Lok Sabha but same was forwarded to the Ministry of Environment and Forest and information was supplied. 16. Legislation for exotic animals and birds like Japanese quail, Emu and Rabbits for breeding. 17. Exposed cruel Camel transportation by the BSF for Republic day parade in Delhi. 18. Two special cattle trains were stopped, offenders booked within 15 days, 40 boogies cow's train was stopped on December 10, 2000 with FIR in GRP, Faridabad and same action on December 28, 2000 with FIR in GRP, Gaziabad against another 40 boogies special cattle train, Naresh Kadyan objections were uphold by the Allahabad bench of High court. 19. Introduction of rehabilitation schemes for Kalanders along with their dancing bears, which was implemented all over India and all performing, bears rescued, rehabilitated. 20. Vest and bullet proof jacket for Police dogs and their rehabilitation after their retirement, Haryana Police working on it, where as Indian Army refused to it, communication received via Chairman, AWBI 21. Introduction of legislation for camel, elephant’s transportation / Dog breeders, pet shops and fish aquariums. The AWBI endorsed the proposal for Camel transportation rules and regulation. 22. Naresh Kadyan achievements are recognized by the PETA, WTI, District Administration, Gurugram and Faridabad. 23. Ban on illegal slaughter houses moved PIL in the Supreme Court of India for ban on cow slaughtering during bakir Eid. Halal process for commercial animal slaughter may be replaced by stunt process. 24. Regular campaigning to regulate the joy rides on camel and elephants along with the organization of the bullock cart, buffalo, dog race and to oppose all events of animal abuse as Cock fights. 25. The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment made documentary on cruel transportation of animals, live raids along with FIR and rescue of abused animals was conducted by Naresh Kadyan. 26. Exposed cruel sheep and goat shifting under India Army supply cover from Delhi to J&K. Animal transportation in goods vehicle be banned, matter was considered by the State Committee for Slaughter Houses (Govt. of Haryana). 27. Successfully running two ambulances and shelter for animals in distress, this was approved by the Govt. of India to PFA Haryana under Chairmanship of Naresh Kadyan. 28. Dogs have rights to bark, rules for pet shops, dog breeders and fish aquariums along with ban on peacock feathers trade in India, draft rules have been prepared by the Ministry. 29. Removal all objectionable material from the internet about our Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi spread by the so called Khalistani’s, likewise removal of fake accounts on Internet about our Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpaye. 30. Human Rights Commission in Haryana was constituted on the PIL moved by Naresh Kadyan. 31. Blind Hippo, docked tail dogs abused by the Jumbo Circus and complaint moved before the Chief Judicial Magistrate, Panipat. 32. Freeze elephant as BSP symbol, being an National Heritage animal of India, moved PIL in the Delhi High court / Chief Election Commission of India. 33. Registry for animal abusers, Jet Airways responsible for two dogs death during its flight from Mumbai to Delhi, complaint was lodged with the Mumbai and Delhi Police, Consumer court fined Jet Airways. 34. Successfully opposed the lifting ban on beef export from India during 12th five year plans and then support the ban on meat export from India petition heard by the Rajya Sabha. 35. During natural calamity earth awake in Gujarat, Naresh Kadyan worked for effected animals and arranged medicine, on spot treatment facility, like wise he also worked as online awareness team members of the Disaster Management in Japan, for Zoo animals in Libiya, online petition duly supported by the International communities. Same action was repeated in Uttrakhand and in Assam. 36. Many scheduled wild animal specimens were reported, raised voice in Sacered Heart School, Chandigarh / DPS and Green Field Public School, Rewari / Birla Public School, Pilani and DPS, Bamni Kheda in Palwal. Public interest litigation – PIL was also moved before the Delhi High court. 37. Oxen 28 were protected from slaughtering, matter taken up before Palwal court, 59 oxen also rescued and sheltered after lodging FIR with Palwal Sadar Police station. 38. African lion Narsinhma rescued from Mujaffarnagar (UP) and sent to Nahargarh rescue center at Jaipur by the CZA on FIR lodged by Naresh Kadyan. 39. Drugs are being supplied by the group of Chemist but exposed in Mahendergarh via CM window and then FIR was lodged. 40. Naresh Kadyan raised his voice to save Ram setu, marine lives as well, moved campaign, which was supported by the International communities. 41. Campaigning to raise funds for the Prime Minister’s National Relief Funds for rescue and rehabilitation of flood effected people and wild animals in northeast portion of India. 42. Leopard was killed in Faridabad, Karnal, Jind, Gurugram and Mewat; Naresh Kadyan lodged FIR of killing and then moved complaint in the Special Environment court at Faridabad, like wise leopard was trapped in Kalesar, FIR was also lodged with Bilaspur Police, besides it Leopard was killed in Mandaver (Gurugram) in Haryana, complaint was lodged for FIR and Notice issued under section 55 of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. 43. Raised his voice against Indian Force at Sirsa and rescued black buck and Chinkara then moved complaint before the Special Environment Court at Kurukshetra. 44. Black buck was hunted in Udmi village of Panipat, Police lodged FIR then tried to hush up the matter but Naresh Kadyan moved complaint before the Special Environment court at Kurukshetra. 45. Elephants are being abused for pride, begging - political tools, personnel gain and profit; Naresh Kadyan successfully managed many online petitions. FIR lodged with Sonipat Police against begging with Elephant, female elephant was confiscated, like wise complaint lodged with Dhand Police station in Kaithal, abused Amar circus female elephant was shifted to Delhi Zoo. 46. The Director General of Supply and Disposal along with the Government of Punjab insulted the State Emblem of India but Naresh Kadyan lodged FIR against all of them with the Police Station Model Town, Rewari, likewise Punjab Khadi Board replace its logo. 47. The Broadcasting Content Complaints Council (BCCC) has issued guidelines to 235 TV networks not to abuse animals, where as Naresh Kadyan opposing animal abuse in live TV shows since last five years. 48. Public Interest Litigation for direct election of Sarpanches moved before the Cabinet Secretary to Govt. of India and then moved before High Court, CWP No. 21524 of 2016. 49. Naresh Kadyan nominated as a Member, State Committee for Slaughter Houses, Department of Urban and Local Bodies (Government of Haryana). 50. Govt. of Rajasthan accepted Naresh Kadyan demands and introduced ban on interstate shifting of camels, declaring as state animal of Rajasthan. 51. Lodged FIR with Palwal Sadar Police station, against company for keeping langur on their pay roll, likewise use of Langur services in Surajkund Craft Fair. 52. Crack down the meat supply to a holy city Kurukshetra and lodged FIR against two hotels Saffron and Heritage for serving non vegetarian foods, violating the High Court orders and hitting the religious sentiments of general public at large. 53. Observations about the declaration of cow progeny as a state domestic animals of Haryana, Session trials for crime against cow progeny, amendment in the legal status of crime against animals accepted by the State Committee for Slaughter Houses. 54. FIR lodged with Rewari Model Town Police, against the Icon, eBay India and Amazon online malls for insulting Lord Buddha image, Delhi High Court also issued directions to the Delhi Police on PIL moved by Abhishek Kadyan and Sukanya Kadyan under guidance of Naresh Kadyan. eBay India opposed this FIR and they moved for quashing FIR but another application was moved for CBI investigation strongly opposition of quashing petition in the Punjab and Haryana High Court at Chandigarh. 55. Complaint lodged against Indian Railways for insulting State Emblem of India by its catering wing, RTI petition moved and complaint lodged, same supplier was punished. 56. PIL No. 108 of 2013 moved before Supreme Court of India about protection of Sambhar Lake; wetland of Rajasthan, from bore well mafia in Rajasthan and to protect exotic species. 57. Advisories on stop animal abuse and to avoid use of polythene during elections issued by the ECI, Naresh Kadyan raised these points during Municipal elections in Haryana. 58. State Emblem of India insulted by the Punjab Govt., 150 ton wheat rotten in open in the objectionable plastic bags, on which Emblem image insulted, matter taken up with the Ministry of Home Affairs. 59. Malnutrition issue in Gujarat, UP and Madhya Pardesh taken up with the concerned, actively participated in Uttrakhand disaster relief work online fundraising, lodge complaint for theft – snatching as well. 60. Garhwali Officers Mess have many endangered wild animal 113 trophies in illegal possession, exposed it by a petition moved under RTI Act, 2005 matter taken up with the Police, WCCB and then notice issued to the Chief Wildlife Warden of Uttrakhand by the WCCB. 61. Leopard display granted by the AWBI to Ajoba Marathi film, ignoring their own rules, like wise bullock exhibition permission granted, tiger exhibit in TV serial Ek Veer ki Ardass Veera telecast by Star Plus but Naresh Kadyan moved complaint against all offenders. 62. The Khadi and Village Industries Commission promoted Horn and Bones including Ivory product activity (Manufacturing and trading) under PMEGP scheme but it is banned due to Abhishek Kadyan and Miss Sukanya Kadyan complaint moved under guidance Naresh Kadyan, online campaigning, notice issued by the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau to KVIC and then ban was imposed on ivory items by the KVIC. The United Nation affiliated the International Organisation for Animal Protection - OIPA chapter in India recommended awards for CEO, KVIC and Additional Director, WCCB for their supportive actions upholding objections raised. 63. Ban Quail farming, Japanese quail activity was dropped by NABARD but during 2013-14 budget provisions are strongly opposed by Naresh Kadyan for Quail breeding. 64. Cheetah scheme was prepared without approval of the National Wildlife Advisory Board, protection cover under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 and it was strongly opposed by Naresh Kadyan, likewise conservation of white tiger efforts were opposed being an no species in Bengal Tiger. 65. Naresh Kadyan put his weight behind successful implementation of the National Food Security Ordinance, 2013 with demand of iodized salt for human consumption. 66. Justice for Sikh families in Kutch, Gujarat, matter taken up with the NHRC, National Commission on Minorities, complaint lodged with the Election Commission of India, against Independent candidate from New Delhi abusing elephants and horses. 67. Moved PIL in the Supreme Court of India about Mina versus Meena caste and community controversy in Scheduled Tribe reservation, petition under RTI before CIC as well. 68. Elephant trading ban in Haryana and Punjab, amended two Cattle Fairs Act along with Haryana Panchyati Raj Act, 1994, after Naresh Kadyan complaint, likewise voice raised for similar amendment in the Cattle Trespass Act and Indian Forest Act along with 429 IPC, for omitting elephant from cattle definition. 69. Cosmetics testing on animals banned in India, amendment in legislation's demanded campaign launched by Naresh Kadyan. 70. Petition before the Chairman, Committee on Petition, Rajya Sabha to review the meat export policy from India. 71. To get ban orders on thorn bits for horses and early disposal of Animal Welfare Act, 2011 draft PIL moved before the Rajasthan High Court (Jaipur Bench) and many complaint lodged with Haryana Police, after recovering thorn bits, like wise many cases registered for the violation of Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, after recovering mongoose hair paint brushes. 72. Introduced rehabilitation of Kalandars along with their dancing bears scheme, which was successfully implemented all over India and dancing bears were rescued for rehabilitation. 73. Elephant Sunder is being abused by MLA Vinay Kore of Maharashtra but Naresh Kadyan lodged complaint with Delhi police, campaign appreciated all over World. 74. Naresh Kadyan moved petition for replacement of toothless animal welfare legislation's before the Committee on Petitions, Delhi and Haryana Legislative Assembly and his petition is being considered. 75. State Emblem of India, National awards along with National Flag of India misused by many High Court’s websites, Ministries but Naresh Kadyan raised his voice and corrections were made out, likewise offenders of Rajdhani and Shatabadi Express were punished by the Indian Railway. 76. Ban interstate shifting of Camels from Rajasthan, to declare state animal of Rajasthan appeal accepted by the Government, introducing legislation. 77. Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid appeal to vote for congress but Naresh Kadyan lodged complaint with the Election Commission of India, against Shahi Imam for violation of Model Code of Conduct. 78. HE Governor of Tripura prefixed Padma Shri as title but corrected after complaint lodged by Naresh Kadyan, likewise Council of Leather Export updated and many more. 79. Karshni Ashram, Ramanreti have 268 black buck in their illegal custody, like wise Air Force Station, Sirsa was also have scheduled wild animals in their illegal Zoo, both matter were exposed by Naresh Kadyan including that No elephant rescue center approved by CZA in India. 80. Naresh Kadyan managed online petitions against Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence (Access to Justice and Reparations)’ Bill, drafted by the National Advisory Council. 81. Five elephants abused in Delhi but Naresh Kadyan lodged complaint with SHO, Shakarpur, against abuser custodians and to cancel private ownership for elephants. 82. Delhi Wildlife Department issued ownership for snakes and these reptiles are being abused for personnel gain and profit, this matter also exposed by Naresh Kadyan. 83. Foie gras import is banned in India, on the basis of Naresh Kadyan campaigning. 84. Naresh Kadyan hold guilty in Nawab Pataudi black buck hunting for his strong animal rights activism, as whistle blower but released on probation, whereas acquitted from all baseless charges by the Additional District and Session Judge, Faridabad on 16-9-2014. 85. AWBI issued instructions to ban the manufacturing, trading and possession of spiked, thorn bits, on Naresh Kadyan complaint because its use is prohibited. 86. Fighting for introduction of animal welfare legislation's for Indian Army, Police and para Military force animals, adopted three sniffer dogs of Haryana Police. 87. Naresh Kadyan taken up land deal matter of Robert Vadra with the Govt. of Rajasthan and his another complaint forwarded to the Chief Secretary, Haryana by the Govt. of India. 88. Agenda for deletion of cow words from the Hindi version of Meat Food Products Order, 1973 was placed along with the declaration of cow as state animal of Haryana, which were approved in 4th meeting of State Committee for Slaughter Houses, whereas PIL were moved before High Court and Supreme Court, to oppose Haryana Prohibition of Cow Slaughter Rules, 1972, which allowed to get license / permit to eat beef on medical advice, whereas beef have no medicinal value. 89. Complaint lodged with the Election Commission of India, to ban post poll alliance. 90. Govt. of Kerala and Telangana amended their state emblem after voice raised by me. 91. The Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (Ministry of Environment and Forest) nominate Naresh Kadyan, as their volunteers. 92. Matter taken up with the Govt. of India, to give Scheduled Caste benefits to the eligible Muslims. 93. Lodged complaint against candidate of Panipat Rural for abusing camel, during election campaign, like wise INLD candidate from Nuh, Congress candidate from Mahendergarh and two Independent candidates from Ateli. 94. Petition for prohibition of elephant trading along with animal performances, in the Sonepur cattle fair accepted by the AWBI and Govt. of Bihar. 95. Zero FIR against Akbaruddin Owaisi, MLA for his hate speeches during Maharashtra elections, DD No. 44 with PS, Prashant Vihar, Delhi on 24-10-14, which was forwarded to Hyderabad Police, like wise National Human Rights Commission considered Naresh Kadyan petition and forwarded to the Maharashtra State Human Rights Commission, like wise complaint for Zero FIR was also moved against Dadri butchers. 96. FIR No. 377 dated 25-10-2014 lodged of cow fighting with pigs, with Ambala Cantt Police Station. 97. Unmarried female boxer were asked to go through pregnancy test but this matter was taken up with the NHRC, notice issued by the NHRC and reply of Ministry opposed. 98. President of India visited Varindavan on November 16, 2014 and 10 langur brigade was deputed to keep away common monkeys, which was a crime against Wildlife Act, 1972 but this was strongly opposed by Naresh Kadyan and Administration was compelled to with draw 10 langur brigades. 99. Baba Rampal controversy moved before the National Human Rights Commission, to rescue public, which were hostage by Rampal, complaint lodged with DGP as well. 100. Ministry of Road Transport and Highways issued Central Motor Vehicle (Eleventh Amendment) Rules, 2015, for transportation of livestock issued, accepting and recognizing Naresh Kadyan vision, approved by the State Committee for Slaughter Houses, Haryana. 101. Conducting training about animal welfare legislation’s, to all District Committee for Slaughter Houses in Haryana and crack down many illegal slaughter houses, lodged FIR’s. 102. FIR lodged with PS Baroda against killer of two male buffaloes, many illegal slaughter houses are exposed all over Haryana and lodged FIR’s against them, likewise matter taken up against Lalu Yadav decision on 1000 horse carts and Delhi based Ex MLA of Bihar, custodian of many objectionable species, likewise petition moved before Election Commission of India about criminal act of Lalu Yadav, while on bail. 103. “Singh is Bling” displayed ban species Lion, legal action initiated against AWBI along with Censor Board of India, dog fighter syndicate exposed, lodged FIR against them. 104. Moved Appeal SLP (c) N0. 5629 of 2016 against the Haryana Prohibition of Cow Slaughter Rules, 1972 along with unlawful provisions of the Haryana Gauvansh Sanrakshan and Gausamvardhan Act, 2015 before the Supreme Court of India, beside it CWP No. 200 of 2016 was also moved before High Court but both were dismissed along with the complaint moved before Haryana Human Rights Commission, as complaint No. 897/7/2016. 105. WP (c) No. 666 of 2016 also moved with the Jaipur Bench of Rajasthan High Court for animals but withdrawn due to notification of the Rajasthan Camel (Prohibition of Slaughter and Regulation of Temporary Migration or Export) Act, 2016. WP (c) No. 5254 of 2016 under consideration with the Jaipur Bench, Notice issued. 106. Haryana Human Rights Commission asked petitions about loss during Jat reservation protests in Haryana, Naresh Kadyan moved complaint No. 670/7/2016, to explain grievances of Jat community. 107. Telegram address was removed by the NITI Ayog, Bharat Scouts and Guide, KVIC, after point raised by Naresh Kadyan, likewise Notices were issued to KVIC for active participation of Panchyati Raj Institutions, as per MoU signed in 2008. 108. Dedicated for strict compliance of Swatch Bharat Mission through Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme, activating Panchyati Raj Institutions. 109. Govt. of Haryana endorsed Naresh Kadyan demands about amendment in the Cattle Trespass Act, 1871, omitting elephant from the definition of cattle. 110. Naresh Kadyan objections were uphold by the FSSAI, in case of Draft Rules for Silver leaf. 111. Zero FIR against Bihar Administration, shooters of blue bull, similar action for Himachal Pradesh. 112. Draft Rules of FSSAI, opposed for inclusion of Rabbit family as food for human consumption. 113. Complaint moved against the abuse of Jaipur Zoo animals at Nahargarh Zoological Park. 114. Moved complaint No. 325 of 2016 before Lokayukta of Haryana for action against all responsible officials along with Soha Ali Khan for her arms license. 115. Seven samples of beef biryani were lifted in Mewat without FIR but complaint under section 156 (3) moved in Ferojepur Jhirka, FIR No. 459 Dated 4-11-2017 lodged. 116. Government of Delhi amended the name of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University replacing Bharat Ratna, keeping in view the article 18 (1) of Indian Constitution on Naresh Kadyan complaints. 117. Four turtles rescued from the Westin Sohna Resort & Spa in Gurgaon. 118. Meat syndicate was break down at Lawrence Road in Delhi, on the tips of Naresh Kadyan and Shaw cause Notice issued by the RTA at Nuh and in past by RTA at Gurugram. 119. Alarm for hijacking of website of Ministry of Home Affairs, Delhi Police investigating the matters. 120. Public Interest Litigation 1112 of 2017, moved before the Delhi High Court, against corrupt practices in the Bharat Scouts and Guides, National Chief Commissioner with Director removed. 121. Complaints moved before the Committee on Petitions, Haryana and Delhi Legislative Assemblies along with the petition under 133 CrPC before all Sub Divisional Magistrates in Haryana and Delhi. 122. FIR No. 79 Dated 21-2-2017 lodged with Prashant Vihar, Police Station in Delhi to hurt the sentiments of Hindu communities by USA based two companies, insulting Lord Ganesha and Om. 123. Moved complaint No. 110 of 2017 before Lokayukta of Haryana, against malpractice by IAS officers during their posting in Khadi Board, Haryana. 124. All living creatures have feelings with legal rights to live, moved petition before Election Commission of India, during 2017 Elections in five states for strict compliance of the fundamental duties as defined under article 51 A (g) of Indian Constitution by all Political parties and candidates. 125. Team of examiners of Master of Education – Bachelor of Education was exposed for their malpractices and same was debar for three years by the Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak adopting zero tolerance against corruption. 126. Complaint No. 7289 of 2017 moved with the Punjab Human Rights Commission for precautionary orders, protecting the human rights, public life and property during protest of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Insaan supporters against his conviction in rape charges in Haryana. 127. Complaint No. 1654/14 and 1664/20 of 2017 moved with the Haryana Human Rights Commission for, protecting the human rights, public life and property during protest of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Insaan supporters against his conviction in rape charges in Haryana. 128. Complaint No. 4265/CR/2014 moved before Punjab Human Rights Commission for cremation of Ashutosh Maharaj dead body. 129. Indian Military, shutting down all 39 Cattle’s farms, as per Cabinet decision but the protection of male calves matter taken up with all concerned because they are disappeared in these 39 Military Farms. 130. Cricket balls, bone china crockery’s along with buttons are being manufactured with the slaughtered cow horn, bones and hides, this matter taken up with all concerned in Haryana being violation of the Haryana Gauvansh Sanrakshan and Gausamvardhan Act, 2015. 131. Life Member, Bharat Scouts and Guides, which recognized by Govt. of India. Presently posted as Advisor cum Consultant, Hindustan Salt Limited (Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises) at Sambhar Salt Lake along with Commissioner (Headquarters), Bharat Scouts and Guides, Haryana without any financial gain and profit.

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