Raja Nahar Singh Mahal

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Author of this article is Laxman Burdak लक्ष्मण बुरड़क
Nahar Singh Mahal, Ballabhgarh

Nahar Singh Mahal is located at Ballabhgarh in Faridabad District of Haryana. The forefathers of Jat Raja Nahar Singh built this fort around 1739 AD. The fort was decorated with minars on its four corners of which only two can be seen now due to age and neglect. The palace holds a Darbar-e-aam and a Rang Mahal decorated with a beautiful Chhatri. Palace and fort at Ballabgarh is on the same architectural style as those of Deeg and Bharatpur.

The Government of Harayana now manages this palace. Presently, the Mahal (fort) fascinates as an outstanding specimen of architectural design.

Kartik Cultural Festival, the main fair held in the month of November, is celebrated at Nahar Singh Mahal.

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