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Ravi Shankar Godara

Ravi Shankar Godara (रविशंकर गोदारा), born 07 August 1989, M.A (Psychology), from village Alakhpura Godaran Godaran in Laxmangarh tehsil, Sikar, Rajasthan. His father is Mr.R.S.Godara(Farmer) and mother Mrs. Gomti Godara(House-wife). He did schooling from Emmanuel Mission School, Jaipur. He is a Jat wiz-kid. He has broken many records and set new ones as well as won many competitions on Memory.

His achievements

  1. Placed in Guinness Book of Records 2007 for memorizing 17 out of 20 names and Dates of Birth in 2 minutes and thus broke the earlier record set by Mr. Roy of remembering 14 names only in the same period.
  2. Placed in Limca Book of Records 2006 for memorizing entire log and antilog tables at Jaipur on August 25, 2006 recalling them in 1 hr 29.92 min.
  3. Placed in National Book of Honour for same record published by name in the issue 2007 as a " Memory Master of India".
  4. Placed in India book of Records for the same in Limca Book of Records.
  5. Appreciation from Guinness Book of Records to break a record in which he had to memorize as many as people's name and dates of birth in 2 mins.
  6. Achieved awards & certificates from Dynamic Memory, New Delhi and I-Matrix worldwide and Wonder kid foundation, Lucknow.
  7. Memorable event to meet and awarded by Hon'ble President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Kalam on 14 November, 2006.
  8. Awarded by Satyashanti Shansthan 2006.
  9. Awarded and appreciated by Jat Officers Social Forum, Rajasthan.
  10. He is now headed to win the world memory championship, to be held in London, which no person of Indian descent has ever done.

Success to Guinness World Record

Till now only 3 people from World have been successful in achieving this Guinness World Record on Memory. Out of which two are from India Mr. Roy and Ravishankar Godara and other is Michaela Buchvaldova also known by name Dr. Michaela Karsten (Germany). Both Mr. Roy and Dr. Michaela Karsten are in Memory field competitions since 1995 and are above age of 40 years. It took them at least ten years to make record in this category. But Ravi Shankar Godara achieved this record just in 1.5 years by mastering over Mnemonics and is the youngest in the world to do so.

After searching the database of Guinness Book of World Records it was found by his adjust that he is only Jat boy in the history of Jats who ever made Guinness World Record so far.

For more information on Dr. Michaela Karsten use following link:


Sataya Shanti Award

Ravi Shankar receiving Sataya Shanti Award- 2006 from Dr. Lalit K. Pawar (Senior IAS Officer) for excellent Youth risen from a village. [1]

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If you wish to learn tips on memorising and learning from him then you contact him at ravioptra@yahoo.com


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