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Roherianwali (रोहड़ियांवाली) is a village in Abohar tehsil in Firozpur district of Punjab.


This village was founded by Ch.Gumana Ram Khoth in 1885.

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It is located near city Abohar in district [Ferozepur] in Punjab. It was founded by Ch.Gumana Ram Khoth (गुमाना राम खोथ) and other veteran members of Khoth family in 1885. They were immigrated here from Lakhasar in Hanumangarh district. Ch.Gumana Ram Khoth's elder son Ch.Mamraj Khoth (मामराज खोथ) had served as a prominent JAMIDAAR of the village in 1933, he was a magnanimous person who served as a freedom fighter during freedom movement till 1947, during this he got the chance to meet with several famous personalities as if CH.DEVI LAL SIHAG of CHOUTALA and famous freedom fighter & founding father of JANTA DAL, JP NARAYAN. Ch.Mamraj Khoth's elder son, Ch.Jamal Ram Khoth (जेमल राम खोथ), was a philanthropist personality and paragon of truth, though he didn't get the same fame as his father enjoyed during his lifetime but he was so generous to serve his villagers. Late Ch.Jamal Ram Khoth (जेमल राम खोथ) survived with two sons named as Ch.Duli Chand (दूलीचनद खोथ) and Ch.Surinder Kumar Khoth (सुरेनदर कुमार खोथ). Both are living happily in village with the legacy of belonging to such an altruistic Jat Family.


Population of Roherianwali according to Census 2001 is 3187, Where male population is 1683, While female population is 1504[1]

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