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Sampati (सम्पाति, sampāti) was one of the two sons of Aruna, the brother of Garuda. Sampati lost his wings when he was a child.

Sampathi and Jatayu got involved in competition in childhood of reaching the sun first. Sampati flew ahead and burnt his wings. He fell down near the sea shore.

Griddhraj Parvat, situated in Satna district in Madhya Pradesh, is believed to be the birthplace of ‘Sampati’. [1]

The story of sampati is mentioned in ramayana in Kishkindha Kanda sarga 56 as under:

Sarg 56 - Meeting With Sampaati

Where these Vanar were sitting for self-immolation, there lived Jataayu's brother Sampaati. He came out of the cave, came to them and said - "Good, today I have got good food in return of my good Karm. I wish to eat them one by one each day."

Hearing these words of the vulture, Angada got frightened and said to Hanumaan - "See Hanumaan, Yam Raaj himself has come in the form of this bird to take us. Neither we got Seetaa'a whereabouts, nor we obeyed our Swaamee's orders and now we are facing this trouble. Well Jataayu also sacrificed his life to save Seetaa in Jansthaan, so we should also sacrifice ourselves for Raam's work. Jataayu did at least a favorable act to Raam, but we are just withering here in forests and still Vaidehee is not yet seen.

Although we tried but we could not find Seetaa. Jataayu was lucky, at least he was killed by Raavan while protecting Seetaa and he has no fear of Sugreev.

The present trouble is the result of the Jatayu's killing and abduction of Seetaa, exile to Raam and Lakshman, death of Dashrath, killing of Raakshas in Jansthaan, all this has happened because of Kaikeyee's Var."

Hearing this Sampaati got alert and perturbed and said to them politely - "Who is going to tell me about my dear brother Jataayu? Today, after long time, I am hearing my brother's praise through this Vaanar. I am happy to hear about him. Tell me the account of his fight with the Raakshas and his death. Please get me down this Parvat, so that I can hear it completely, because my brother was living in Jansthaan. And he had a good friendship with Raajaa Dashrath whose eldest son is Raam Chandra, how did he die? I am helpless, I cannot fly because my wings are burned by Sun's rays. I want to come down."


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