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Sandhya Jain (born 1959) is a writer, journalist and author. She is a writer of political and contemporary affairs. Jain is the daughter of journalist Girilal Jain, a former editor of The Times of India. She studied at Delhi University. She writes for The Pioneer and other publications.

A post graduate in Political Science from the University of Delhi, she is a student of the myriad facets of Indian civilisation. Her published works include

  • Adi Deo Arya Devata. A Panoramic View of Tribal-Hindu Cultural Interface, Rupa, 2004; and
  • Evangelical Intrusions. Tripura: A Case Study, Rupa, 2009.
  • She has contributed to other publications, including a chapter on Jain Dharma in “Why I am a Believer: Personal Reflections on Nine World Religions,” ed. Arvind Sharma, Penguin India, 2009.
  • Contributed a chapter on Hindu view on population control in Sacred Rights, ed. Dan Maguire, Oxford University Press, New York, 2003.
  • Edited a compilation of outsider accounts on India titled, The India They Saw. Foreign Accounts: 5th century BC – 7th century AD (Ocean Books Pvt Ltd, 2011).
  • The Hindi edition of Adi Deo Arya Devata. A Panoramic View of Tribal-Hindu Cultural Interface, is under publication by Ocean Books Pvt Ltd.
  • Afghanistan: New Great Game Unfolds, Dialogue Quarterly, A Journal of Astha Bharati, Volume 16, No. 4; April–June 2015.
  • Narendra Modi: Striving to be a Pillar in a Multi-Polar World, World Affairs, The Journal of International Affairs, Volume Eighteen, Number Four, Winter (October–December 2014)


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