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Saraswati Devi (born:-04.05.2010) Adhyapika, Age 93 yrs, Received Bhama Shah Award instituted by Govt. of Rajasthan for honouring most generous donors for social causes.

Worked as school teacher, and devoted all her financial and physical capacity towards education, especially of girls. Was instrumental in the education of more than 500 girls under her tutelage, outside of her school duties. Devoted to value of cows in Indian culture. Lived in Purani Abadi, Sri Ganganagar and continued her efforts in this direction till recently.

She breathed her last on 04.05.2010. She is survived by her adopted daughter, Smt. Santosh Choudhary, her younger sister's youngest daughter whom she had socially adopted at the age of 4, educated her through MA, B.Ed, & married her off in 1979 with great pomp & show to Shri Rishi Raj Singh, who works in the Ministry of External Affairs and was till recently on the Faculty of the Foreign Service Institute, Old JNU Campus, New Delhi and is presently posted with the Embassy of India, Astana, Kazakhstan, CIS. Ever since her daughter's marriage, she restricted her diet to one meal a day, taken before sunset. In spite of being a woman of means, her personal expenses were meagre. She disposed off all her landed property while still in control of things, and built schools and cow shelters at many places including her native village Dhingawali, Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan. Smt. Santosh Choudhary and Shri Rishi Raj Singh have gone around the globe and lived on five different continents of the world. They are blessed with two sons and a daughter. The sons are Senior Software Professionals on the US east coast.

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