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Shadipur (शादीपुर) is an urbanized village in West Delhi, near Patel Nagar.


There is a transport depot of Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) near this village. Now, there is also a station of Delhi Metro in this village (Dwarka line).


In the past, Many families from Shadipur shifted to Hastsal village in Delhi.

Jat gotras

Notable persons

  • Chander Bhan Phore


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Shadipur village in Patiala

Shadipur is also the name of a village in Patiala district of Punjab. This village falls under Patiala Tahsil.

Shadipur in Kaithal

Shadipur is also the name of a village in Guhla tahsil of Kaithal district in Haryana.

Shadipur in Jind

Shadipur is a village in Julana tahsil of Jind district, Haryana

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