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Location of Shikarpur

Shikarpur (Hindi: शिकारपुर, Sindhi: شِڪارپوُرُ, Urdu: شکارپور) is a city and district in the Sindh province of Pakistan. It is situated about 29 km from the left bank of the Indus, with a railway station, 37 km north-west of Sukkur.

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According to a some historians the city of Shikarpur was revived during the Kalhora rule and that was what brought about a turnaround in making it the financial capital of not only north-west India but also of Central Asia. Some people think that the city was founded by Kalhoras' cousins Daudpotas --- and it was named Shikarpur because the Talpur Mirs were fond of shikar (hunting). Another school of thought believes Shikarpur was admittedly there before the shikar-loving Talpurs arrived on the scene; for another, Shikarpur has always been a trading centre, and never a hunting lodge. Also, the Muslims named their cities as "Abad" --- and never "Nagar" or "Pur". These experts think that Shikarpur is really Shakaripur --- the "town founded by the vanquisher of the Shakas", the Scythians.

Shikarpur, the seat of civilization, culture, trade and commerce acquired political and economic importance because of its strategic location on the map of Sindh, being directly accessible to those who came from Central and West Asia through the Bolan Pass. In the early 17th century this emerald city in the northern Sindh province of Pakistan became the nucleus of a historical trade center on a caravan route through the Bolan Pass into Afghanistan.

Shikarpur has always been an important place as commanding the trade route through the Bolan Pass, and its merchants have dealings with many towns in Central Asia. It has seven gates like Hathi Gate, Lucky Gate etc. It is famous for its pickles and sweets. It has a large market and manufactures cotton cloth and pottery. Because of its rich history. Shikarpur used to be called an "Old Paris" because of unknown reason while some people thinks that it was called an "Old Paris" because of its modern building of that time but some things that it was because of some perfume or attur industry in the Shikarpur. At that time there was a popular caste Dahani was active and the chief of the caste was Sardar Ghulam Bashir Khan Dahani. Shikarpur is the most historical place of sindh, it was a place of Shikar means Hunting it was a place for hunting for the people because it had a large forest with the lot of animals so many people came here for hunting. This city has also another significance which is trading, it i s famous for its 1t banking system in the Asia.

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