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Sh. Shree Pal Singh was born in an agricultural family on July 1st, 1950 in Barkali Village, Meerut (U.P.). He completed his Intermediate education in Logic and Psychology and then graduated with Honours in Political Science, Philosophy and English Literature. In the year 1973 he graduated in Law from Delhi University with “Commendation Certificate”. He qualified Advocate-On-Record examination from Supreme Court of India in 1974. He also practiced law in a Law Firm at New York, USA. He authored several books such as The Story of True India, True Story of Secret India, Earth Charter of New Civilization, Cosmic Evolution and Earth, What India can Teach to the World, Jesus Christ in 21st Century & a brief history of Eternity etc. His book/s are being used as references for studies on Indian Histories at various Russian Universities. He is National President of Indian People's Congress. and also acted as Sampaadak of Suraj Sujaan Magazine published by Surajmal Educational Society. He is a renowned blogger with the name of Shree Pal Singh, a concern global citizen. His elder son Rahul Singh is a renowned Advocate in Supreme Court of India and his Daughter-in-Law Ms. Renu Chaudhary is a Judge in Delhi.

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