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Silana (सिलाना, सिलाणा) village falls in Kharkhoda tahsil of Sonipat district in Haryana. It is located near Sisana village.



The Silana village has population of 5173 of which 2831 are males while 2342 are females as per Population Census 2011.[1]


Notable persons

  • Roop Chand - Veer Chakra, A-8264/1016454 Sawar (Retd), DOB:28.8.1923, From: Silana, Kharkhoda, Sonipat, Haryana, Father:Kanhaiya, Nomination: 28.8.1940, Award Date: 12.4.1948. 8 अप्रेल 1948 को सवार रूप चंद एक कवचित कैरियर के ड्रायवर थे। वे पेड़ों, प्रस्तर-खंडों और सुरंग की सड़क रोककर पहुंचे वहाँ पर मौर्चे पर बैठे शत्रु ने स्वचालित हथियारों से उन पर भारी गोलाबारी शुरू करदी। सवार रूप चंद पूरे चार घंटे तक अकेले ही वहाँ डटे रहे। बाद में जब कैरियर वापस आया तो उस पर गोलियों के 123 निशान थे। [2]
  • Late Shri Master Ramchander Dahiya- Serevd as Primary school teacher in his days and provided education to thousands of people during his days as a teacher and motivated several to study further in their life and focus on persuing their dreams. He was also a prominent speaker in the Village Panchayat and everyone used to seek his advice before making any major decision in the Village. He will long in the memories of his Loved ones forever.
  • Raj Singh Dahiya - Businessmen owner of Cozette Hotels

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