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Taga (टगा) is Gotra of Jats found in Ratlam district in Madhya Pradesh. Taga clan is found in Afghanistan. [1]


We see that many Jat kingdoms in the north and east were free of the Persian empire which was an offshoot of the earlier Manda Jat empire. The defeat of Cyrus the Great and his death was a signal for the Jats under Persian Empire to take up the throne of Ecbatana. This was done by the Jats under their leader Gaumata. In the meantime Darius came and this second empire lasted for only six months because conspirators in the pay of Darius killed Gaumata in the Sokhyavati palace of Ecbatana. Darius wrote in his inscriptions; “Ahurmazda made myself emperor. Our dynasty had lost the empire but I restored it to its original position. I re-established sacred places destroyed by Magas. These Magas were the Magian priests of the Jat emperors who came to India along with them, as a result of war. They were called in India the Magas. The Taga Brahmans on the Yamuna river are their descendants. They are the Tagazgez of Masoudi. [2], [3]

In Gurgaon the term is applied to a group, which is practically a distinct caste, of Tagas who have adopted the custom of widow remarriage, and so lost status, though they are of pure Taga blood : Punjab Customary Law, II, p. 132. [4]

Villages in Ratlam district

Villages in Ratlam district with population of this gotra are:

Ratlam 1,

Notable persons

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