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Author : Ch Reyansh Singh


More about it, Read here.

The Template can also be call as the, "Sectional Referencive Template" because it provides you to denotes the references within a section.
For example, you are wikifying some book on Jatland on it's Page number 1 it has 3 references, create Section:"Page 1" on the wiki-page of that book by typing "== Page 1 ==" and add content of Page 1 of book in this section, and after the work (page content typing) just type "{{mref}}" at the end, and it will done.

What is this?

The followed template is used to denotes the references with in a section. like if in some book there are numerous references on every page, and if we have to wikify it then we must use this template on every page.(at it's end)!
Notes- (Below)

  • M-Ref stands for "In section reference or In middle (of page) reference(s)."
  • Don't use the sign ":" before this template, will create troubles.


To create a section-level reference box in a section containing references within <ref> </ref> tags, add the following wikitext(Syntax, just type this to activate it). to the end of a section:

  • {{mref}}
  • {{m-ref}}

For Example

There are two sections below.

Section 1

Have some content belongs to section 1, with references 1[1] 2[2] and 3[3] then at the end, after the content just type {{mref}} and you will get a sectional reference box. (Below!)

  1. ref 1 of sec. 1
  2. ref 2 of sec. 1
  3. ref 3 of sec. 1

Section 2

Section 2 having 2 references(ref a[1] and b[2]) with some other text.
After the work (Typing of that text), again just type {{mref}} at the end, and you will get.

  1. ref 'a' of section 2
  2. ref 'b' of section 2

Additional Criteria

There are no additional criterias required to be filled, these all are optional.
When using all parameters, the basic syntax is:
{{mref|title=|name=}} Where,

  • |title= specifies the box title, which defaults to "References" if this parameter is omitted. The box title will be blank if this parameter is included without an argument (that is, without any text after the equal sign).
  • |name= This is where you want to separate all the references which having same name.


If you have any suggestions regarding an edit, please put it on my talk page first, and then we would do edits as per those discussions. Ch.Reyansh Singh{Talk}