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Location of Toba Tek Singh
Toba Tek Singh on Pakistan Map

Toba Tek Singh (Hindi: टोबा टेक सिंह, Urdu: ضلع ٹوبہ ٹیک سنگھ) is a city and district in the Punjab province of Pakistan, near India-Pakistan border.

Jat Gotras

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Tahsils in Toba Tek Singh District

The district of Toba Tek Singh is administratively subdivided into three tehsils and 82 Union Council[1]:

Name of Tehsil No of Unions
Gojra 24
Kamalia 26
Toba Tek Singh 32
Total 82


Origins of Name town is after a Jat Sikh religious figure Tek Singh. He had constructed a pond here which in Punjabi is called Toba (टोबा). Legend has it that Tek Singh, a kind hearted man, served water and provided shelter to the worn out and thirsty travellers passing by this small pond, which eventually was called Toba Tek Singh, and the surrounding settlement acquired the same name.

Notable persons

  • Late Haji Sardar Mohammad Murad Khan Gadhi
  • M. Hamzah, Ex-MNA, great statesman, freedom fighter.
  • Choudhry Asad ur Rehman ex Minister and MNA.
  • Mian Muhammad Aslam Advocate ex Vice President Of Lahore High Court Bar Association
  • Choudry Muhammad Ashfaq, ex MNA and ex District Nazim.
  • Choudry Khalid Rashid Grewal ex Vice President of Lahore International Society.
  • Mian Muhammad Zulqarnain Aamir, an engineer and a renowned bureaucrat who held many important posts and these days he is Joint secretary to Govt of Pakistan, Ministry of IT and Telecommunications.
  • Choudry Abdul Sattar X-District Nazim of Toba Tek Singh and is also ex MNA.
  • Athar Bashir Awami.Chairman Tameer-e-Millat Party Pakistan. He is also a civil right activist for local farmers and students of Pakistan.
  • Choudhry Muhammad Jawwad Saif, First nanotechnologist from Toba Tek Singh district in the field of chemistry. He is also the inventor of a united state patented process.
  • Choudhary Yasir Idrees. Internationally recognized Material Scientist from Toba Tek Singh.
  • Imran Bashir. President Tameer-e-Millat Party
  • Vice Admiral Mohammad Haroon HI(M) SI(M) TBt ex Vice Chief Of Naval Staff


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