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Towda (तोवड़ा) is gotra of Jats.[1] [2]


This gotra is said to be originated from Veer purusha named Tokal (तोकल). [3]


History and study of the Jats by Prof. B.S. Dhillon[4] writes about Timur's skirmishes with the Jats in Punjab recorded in Malfuzati-I-Timuri (Autobiography of Timur) and Zafarnama (of Timur) by Yazdi as under:

“I (Timur) sent a force under Tokal Bahadar, son of the Hindu Karkarra, against the Jats. This force overtook the Jats and put 200 to the sword and made the rest prisoners.”


Tokal names places are:

  • Tokal, Burkina Faso (general), Burkina with ruins. Faso[6]


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