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Author of this article is Chaudhary Amit Singh Gahlyan (चौधरी अमित सिंह गाहल्याण)
Chaudhary Amit Singh Gahlyan (चौधरी अमित सिंह गाहल्याण)
  • I am Chaudhary Amit Singh Gahlyan, a Bachelor of Science, and now perusing B.Ed. I am a Web Designer and Developer, SEO Builder, and a computer expert, one-time SSB, two-time PSB and one-time AFSB Aspirant. And also a Wiki Contributor on Jatland Wiki.
  • A YouTuber, Artist, Renaissance, Polymath, Philomath, Multipotentialite and Philanthropist.


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  • I have done deep Research about my village and my family tree and about the history of my village and ancestors.
  • I have provided all the information that is available on about village Garhi Chhajju (गढ़ी छाज्जु ) after a deep research of several months about my ancestors, village and its origin.
  • I have also corrected the name of my village Garhi Chhajju on Google Maps.
  • I have also corrected the Position and name of Shri Ram Mandir of Village Garhi Chhajju
  • I Got recognized the stadium of village Garhi Chhajju and gave its full description on Google Maps.
  • I have also done several Edits regarding nearby Places of Village Garhi Chhajju in Google Maps also.

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  • Villages in Samalkha
  • Jats From Samalkha
  • Jats From Garhi Chhajju
  • Temples Made By Jats
  • Temples In Haryana
  • Temples In Panipat
  • Temples In Samalkha
  • The Freedom Fighters From Panipat

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