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Location of Khadur Sahib in Amritsar district

Verowal(वैरोवल) or Vairowal is a village in Khadur Sahib tahsil of district Tarn Taran in Punjab.


It is situated 6km away from sub-district headquarter Khadur Sahib (tehsildar office) and 25km away from district headquarters, Tarn Taran.


Village was founded by Rai Viru, Lakhanpal's great-grandson, in Amritsar in year 1370.

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At the time of Census-2011, the population of Verowal village stood at 2564, with 517 households.


H.A. Rose[1] gives us details about Bhatti Lakhanpal:

In the central Punjab, however, and towards the north of it, the Bhattis, though scattered, hold strong positions. In Amritsar tradition avers that they have a 'long pedigree' beginning with Adam, 10th in descent from whom was Krishna, son of Jad, the son of Jadam. And the present State of Kapurthala was held by a Raja who sought the aid of Lakhanpal and Harpal, sons of the Rana, Purab Chand, of Bhatner against his foes. Accompanied by Panpal, a third son of the Rana by a Jat wife, they overran the neighbouring country ; but the Raja refused to give them the share he had agreed to bestow upon them, so they put him to death and partitioned his kingdom, Lakhanpal taking the Bari Doab, Harpal that of the Bist Jalandhar and Panpal the modern Ferozepur District, Rai Viru, Lakhanpal's great-grandson, founded Vairowal in Amritsar some 540 years ago and his grand-daughter, a sister of Rai Mitha, was married to Rai Ibrahim of Kapurthala, himself a Bhatti and descended from Harpal. But after a futile attempt to subdue Rai Mitha, Ibrahim forbade intermarriage between the two branches.

Kapurthala, tradition is, however, quite silent as to Lakhanpal or Harpal, and, according to legends current in that State, Rai Nanak Chand is said to have left Bhatner and settled in Bhulana, in that State. Three brothers Bhatti, Manj and Chauhan founded the Rajput tribes so named, which settled in the Punjab only 14 generations ago.

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