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Wardak وردګ (Pashtoپښتو‎/ wardak vardag vardak, Hindi:वरडक)) is one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan.

Jat clans



It is in the centre of the country. Its capital is Meydan Shahr. It is associated with the history of Burdak Jat clan.

The records of Kushan ruler Havishka have been unearthed at Wardak, to the west of Kabul.[1] Bhim Singh Dahiya has mentioned about an inscription of Wardak near Kabul of the year 51 of Saka era (129 AD), which relates the establishment of the relic of Lord Buddha in a stupa by Vagramarega who is shown as a scion of Kama Gulya. Here it is related with clan name Gulya of the Jats. [2] Wardak is associated with the history of Burdak Jat clan.

The population, about 70,000, is a mixture of 50% Pashtuns, 40% Hazaras and 10% others.


  • Chaki Wardak
  • Day Mirdad
  • Jaghatu
  • Jalrez
  • Hisa-I-Awali Bihsud
  • Da Bihsud Markaz
  • Maydan Shahr
  • Nirkh
  • Saydabad


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