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Author of this article is Laxman Burdak लक्ष्मण बुरड़क

Akoda (आकोदा) is an ancient village in Didwana tahsil in Nagaur district in Rajasthan.


Ancient site

It is the site of a Jat Monument well constructed by Chaudhari Harsh Ram of Fagodcha Jat Gotra in samvat 1000 (943 AD). Nearby village Dheegal in North-east direction.

Jat gotras

Akoda Inscription of Chaudhari Harsh Ram of samvat 1000 (943 AD)

Thakur Deshraj[1] has described about the history of this village. In the beginning of samvat 1000 (943 AD) Chaudhari Harsh Ram of Fagodcha Jat Gotra, the bhupati of the area, had founded the village and constructed a well which is a unique example of architecture. Chaudhari Harsh Ram was the ruler of this area which included 84 villages. He used to pay land tax directly to the Delhi rulers. He left a gochar land about 525 bighas in the north of the village and had constructed two ponds also. This land known as Fagodcha Beed is still used for cattle grazing there.

The Akoda well is 100 feet deep and made up of stones brought from Khatu hills about 30 km away. It is a matter of surprise how such big stones, each weighing about 1000 mounds, were brought and fitted in to the well in those days.

There are many legends about this well. According to one legend believed by some people, it was made by the king Sagar and with passage of time it was buried into the sand. Chaudhari Harsh Ram was a devotee of the God and undertook religious work which greatly pleased the goddess who directed him to dig the well. He obeyed her commands and dag out the well.

Thakur Deshraj enquired about the facts from Chaudhari Ganga Ram who showed him records maintained by their bards which mention that this was dug up and got constructed by Chaudhari Harsh Ram. There is inscription on the well about these facts.


According to Census-2011 information:

With total 456 families residing, Akoda village has the population of 2716 (of which 1378 are males while 1338 are females).[2]

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