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Dr Alam Singh Deshwal (डॉ आलमसिंह देशवाल), Professor and ex. Dean & HOD of Civil Engineering, Jodhpur Engineering College, is a famous scientest and professor. He graduated in civil engineering from Roorkee University in 1952. He went to France for higher studies. He has written hundreds of research papers and number of books on civil engineering. He had designed a Jodhpur permiameter. Alam Singh was one of a very few authors in soil mechanics.

He was born at Basera village in Muzaffarnagar district in Uttar Pradesh in a rich family of Deshwal gotra Jamindar. He was devoted to helping the poor students, didn't marry, used to do his all activities without any support from relatives or servants even in the very old age also. He lived a very simple life. He used to eat only boiled vegetables, no salt, no rice and no chapatis. He lived the life of a saint. After his retirement, he was consultant of several organizations. He was running a trust in Rajasthan called Amar Jayoti Trust for helping poor students. He expired in 2007.

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