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Anand Swaroop is a visionary personality from the small village Raipur Jatan located in the Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan.

His father

His father Choudhary Udmi Ram was a farmer and an activist in freedom fighting movement. Choudhry Udmi Ram always thought of future prospects and better development of the region. He always followed Arya Samajist ideology and believed in " work is worship". Anandswaroop's mother is Smt Malti Devi, is a housewife and she always encouraged Anandswaroop to do the best in his life.


Primary education of Anandswaroop took place in Raipur village itself, where his uncle Harphool Singh Janu Mohanpura opened up the very first school of the region. Later, he went to Bagar for higher studies. Since childhood he was a very brilliant student and always stood first in his class. Later he went to Nawalgarh to study B.Sc. and he was the second person to obtain M.Sc. Degree from Rajasthan University Chemistry Dept. with excellent marks.


He was selected as a lecturer then, but later he joined Hindustan Copper (HCL) LImited Khetri Nagar as a chemist. He delivered his excellent services in HCL which lead HCL to new heights of success. He was then made manager of Research & Development Dept. for his excellent contribution towards research.

Social service

He also formed Jat Samaj Khetri Nagar and become its President. During this period he made significant efforts for social development and helped a number of people in different ways. He also played a major role in making of the giant Jat Dharamshal Khetri Nagar which proved to be so useful in future time. After retiring from HCL he was made director of Shekhwati Educational City Dundlod and with his heavy efforts the institute turned out to be an education hub with more than 12 institutes running on a single campus. Later he joined Alankar Society for higher education Jaipur and started encouraging the girls to come forward.He was awarded Bharat Jyoti Award for encouraging Girls for education in the year 2012.

He is blessed with three daughters and his wife Smt Usha Choudhary always stood before him and always encouraged him.

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