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Archi (अर्ची)[1] is a Jat clan. Archi people, an ethnic group in Dagestan, Russia. Archi is district of Kunduz Province in Afghanistan.


  • The clan may have originated from Arachina (अराचीन), a person mentioned in Pandava genealogy in Mahabharata (I.90.17-18).
  • It is said to get its name from living at Analesar pond on Arbudachal mountains, who were known as Archi.[2]


Jat Gotras Namesake

Arsi were people mentioned by Pliny.[3]

Jat Gotras Namesake

Archi District

The Archi District is situated in the northeastern part of Kunduz Province in Afghanistan. It borders with Khan Abad and Kunduz districts to the South-West, Imam Sahib District to the North-West, Tajikistan to the North and Takhar Province to the East. The district center is the town of Archi, located in the northern part of the district.

Archi people

The Archi (аршишттиб in Archi, арчинцы in Russian) are an ethnic group who live in eight villages in Southern Dagestan, Russia. Archib is the 'parent village' of these, because three months a year the whole community used to reassemble in Archi to engage in communal work. Their culture is one of the most distinct and best-preserved of all the cultures of Dagestan.

They have a total population of about 1,200, and speak their own language. Their habitat is about 2,000 meters above sea level in the Kara-Koisu basin of a range of the Caucasus.

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