Baba Joga Singh Chahal

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Joga Pir

Baba Joga Singh Chahal or Joga Pir was a Jat Warrior and Saint from Mansa district in Punjab. Many Chahal villages in Punjab have Baba Joga Singh Chahal Gurudwaras which are also called jogi peer . In Uttar Pradesh vill. Bhartal Sirsi in Sambhal district also have his gurudwara where annual fare happens for Chahals.

The Chahal Jats affect Joga Pir, originally Joga Singh, son of Rajpal Chahal, who is said to have been killed, after fighting with the Mughals even when he had been decapitated. Joga Pir is their jathera, and a fair is held in his honour on the 4th nauratra in Asauj.

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