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Bahar (बहर)/(बहार)[1] [2] Baharwan (बहरवाँ)[3] Bahad (बाहड़) [4][5] Vahad (वाहड़) [6] [7]is a Jat Gotra in Punjab. Bahar(बहाड़) is a Gujar clan found in Amritsar. [8]


They are said to get name after a River called Bahar River in Sindh.

Village after Bahar


Qanungo[9] writes that the author of Mujmal-ut-Twarikh records an interesting legend - that a joint embassy was sent by the Jats and Meds of Sindh to the Court of King Duryodhana, asking for a ruler to govern them. "The Jats and Meds . . . dwelt in Sindh and on the banks of the river which is Bahar (mouth of the Indus?) .... The Meds held the ascendancy over the Jats, and put them to great distress, which compelled them to take refuge on the other side of the river Pahan (Panjnad river?), but being accustomed to the use of boats, they used to cross the river and make attacks on the Meds, who were owners of sheep. It so came to pass that the Jats enfeebled the Meds, killed many of them and plundered their country. The Meds then became subject to the Jats.

Distribution in Punjab

In Firozpur district the Bahar population is 1,500. [10]

Bahar village

Notable persons

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