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For village see Bahia Sirsa

Bahiya (बहिया) (Bahia) is a gotra of Jats. [1] [2] Bahiya is a Gotra of the Anjana Jats in Gujarat.


It may have originated from King Bahiya, who was the second of the Five Damilas, he ruled from 100 BC to 98 BC. Chief Minister of Pulahatha, during Pulahatha's reign, he murdered him and ruled as king. Bahiya's reign came to an end when his Prime Minister, Panya Mara, killed him after only two years of assuming the throne.[3]


In Mahavansa

Damila, Bahiya, Bariya, Datika - Mahavansa/Chapter 33 tells....Of the seven Damilas one, fired with passion for the lovely Somadevi, made her his own and forthwith returned again to the further coast. Another took the almsbowl of the (Master) endowed with the ten miraculous powers, that was in Anuradhapura, and returned straightway, well contented, to the other coast.

Dathika - But the Damila Pulahattha reigned three years, making the Damila named Bahiya commander of his troops. Bariya slew Pulahattha and reigned two years; his commander-inchief was Panayamaraka. Panayamaraka slew Bariya and was king for seven years; his commander-in-chief was Pilayamaraka. Pilayamaraka slew Panayamaraka and was king for seven months; his commander-in-chief was Dathika. And the Damila Dathika slew Pilayamaraka and reigned two years in Anuradhapura. Thus the time of these five Damila-kings (103-88 BC) was fourteen years and seven months.


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