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B S Nijjer

Bhakshish sjngh is a legendary jat writer he writes history of jats he has many books to his name See for his books list [1]

Bakhshish Singh Nijjar on Jat History

Bakhshish Singh Nijjar wrote: "The Jats are the descendants of Scythians, whose kingdom's capital was Scythia, in the present Ukraine (Ukrainian), Soviet Social Republic, is the constituent Republic of the European USSR (Population 49,757,000) in 1947."

"Before the invasion of the golden herd, 13th century B.C. Scythian, ancient kingdom of indeterminate boundaries, centered in the area north of the Black Sea."[1]


  1. Nijjar, B. S. (2008). Origins And History Of Jats And Other Allied Nomadic Tribes Of India. Atlantic Publishers & Dist. ISBN 8126909080, 9788126909087.

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