Banwari Lal Meel

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Professor Banwari Lal Meel

Professor Banwari Lal Meel is Principal Specialist and Head of the Forensic Medicine Department at WSU. He has received International Humantarian Award for improving quality of life of ex-mineworkers in the former Transkei Region of South Africa. The event was held at Montreal in Canada.

Professor Meel defied all the odds in his way and become the only person to receive the award from Africa.

Professor Meel was also instrumental in the establishment of the “Benefit Examination Clinic” in Mthatha which provides compensation services to the historically neglected black mineworkers in the Transkei region in South Africa.

“I wanted to do some voluntary work for the community of ex-mine workers as they are the most neglected people,” he said.“This award has encouraged me to carry out further work on these ex-mineworkers and my next project is to get compensation for all asbestos exposed workers who have symptoms of asbestos-related diseases”, said Professor Meel.

Professor Meel has also recently received an Impumelelo award for his excellent service.

He is Resident of Ashok Nagar, Niwaroo Road, Jaipur.

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