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Location of Bikampur in Bikaner District

Beekampur (बीकमपुर) (Bikampur) is a village in Kolayat tahsil in Bikaner district in Rajasthan, India.


The founders

Jat Gotras


James Tod writes that Bhatti Chief Rao Tano son of Rao Kehar had five sons, Beeji Rai (A.D. 814), Makar, Jeytung, Allan, and Rakecho. [1]

The third son of Bhatti Chief Jaitang, had two sons, Rattansi and Chohar. The first repaired the ruined city of Bikampur. Chohir had two sons, Kola and Gir-raj, who founded the towns of Kolasar and Girajsar. These towns and lakes are well known, but have been seized by Bikaner. [2]

James Tod writes that Bhatti Chief Bappi Rao had two sons, Pahu and Mandan. Pahu had likewise two, Biram and Tulir, whose numerous issue were styled the Pahu Rajpoots. The Pahoos issued from their abode of Beekumpur,and conquered the lands of the Johyas, as far as Devi-jhal; and having made Poogul their capital, they dug numerous wells in the thuls, which still go by the name of the Pahoo wells. [3]

James Tod writes that the Bhatti Chief Rawal Kehar II's 3d son, Kailan, forcibly seized Beekumpoor, the appanage of his elder brother Soma, who departed with all his bassies and settled at Giraup.[4]

James Tod writes that When the sons of Bhatti Rao Raningdeo became converts to Islam, in order to avenge their father's feud with the Rathore prince of Nagore, they forfeited their inheritance of Poogul and Marot, and thenceforward mixed with the Abhoria Bhattis, and their descendants are termed Momun Musalman Bhutti. [5]

On this event, Kailan, the third son of the Rawal Kehar II, took possession of the forfeited lands, and besides Beekampur, regained Deorawul, which had been conquered by their ancient foes, the Dahya Rajputs.[6]

Birsil re-established Dhuniapur, and then went to Kot Karor. His old foes, the Langas, under Hybat Khan, again attacked him, but they were defeated with great slaughter. At the same time, Husein Khan Baloch invaded Beekumpur.[7]

Rawal Bersi, who at this time occupied the gadi of Jaisalmer, went forth to meet Rao Birsil on his return from his expedition in the Punjab. In S. 1530 (A.D. 1474), he made the gates and palace of Beekumpur. [8]

Rao Kailan had established his authority over nine castles, heads of districts, viz., Asini Kot or Aswini-kote, Beekumpoor, Marote, Poogul, Deorawul, Kerore (twenty-two coss, or about forty miles, from Bahawulpore), Guman, Bahun, Nadno, and Matailoh, on the Indus. [9]

The place, mentioned as Vikramapura (विक्रमपुर) in Jain records, was closely associated with the temple of Lord Mahavira. The particular temple of this place was built by Jindatta of the Kharatara gachchha in first half of 12th century. This temple was closely associated with the activities of monks of Kharatara gachchha. The great Kharatara acharya Jinapati was born at this place in V.S. 1210. An image inscription f V.S. 1524 mentions it as a Mahanagara. [10]

Notable persons

  • चौ. बचनाराम चौधरी पुत्र किषनाराम मु.पो. विकमपुर वाया दियातरा जिला बीकानेर[11]

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