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Behat Architecture
Location of Behat in Gwalior District

Behat (बेहट) is a village and site of Jat Fort in Gwalior tahsil and district in Madhya Pradesh, India. It was the summer capital of Maharaja Chhatra Singh Rana of Gohad. It is a marvelous site surrounded by deep forests.


Behat बेहट, (1) जिला ग्वालियर, म.प्र., (2) = Brihadbhatta (बृहद्भट्ट) (Saharanpur) (AS, p.646)


Behat is situated at a distance of 50 km from Gwalior, in east direction, near the border of Bhind district. Its Latitude and Longitude are 26.11 and 78.33[1] PIN Code:454009. Behat village is located in Gwalior Tehsil of Gwalior district in Madhya Pradesh, India. [2]


Behat was the summer capital of Maharaja Chhatra Singh Rana who had also constructed a palace, called Chhatrapur, on the hill top at Behat village which was used as a summer capital. It is a marvelous site surrounded by deep forests.

Archaeological importance

The Gohad ruler Maharaja Chhatra Singh Rana was a great warrior, protector of his public, great lover of art and culture. There is a deep and big Bawdi for regular supply of water in the palace. Diwann-e-Khas is constructed below the palace. The palace is a good example of the architectural skills of Rana rulers. The site is now a protected monument by Archaeological Survey of India. [3]

Behat is believed to be the birth place of famous singer Tansen. Tan Sen(Ram Rattan 1520-1589), was born in Behat near Gwalior in a Brahmin family, but them ,converse to Islam when he knows the Saint Sufi and singer Mohammad Ghaus of Gwalior and go to live with him, he was his first Master.

Behatpur, Kashmir

The search indicates that there is place in Kashmir which is known as Behatpur. It is a matter of research if Behat has any connections with Behatpur of Kashmir. The study may help to find the origin of Bamraulia Gotra.

The river Jhelum in the north of Kashmir is called "Behat" in Persian (Sanskrit Vitasta), and the small town of Bandipur at the point where the valley of the Jhelum opens out into the broad plan of Lake Wular was once called Behat- poor, which is now called Bandipur in the region of Tehsil Sopore, 80 kilometres north of Srinagar, the capital of Kashmir. Only approximately 18 kilometers northeast of Bandipur lies the small village of Hasba or Hasbal. This is referred to as Hesbon in the Bible (Deuteronomy 4, 46), and is mentioned in connection with Bethpeor and Pisga.[4]


बेहट (AS, p.646): ग्वालियर म.प्र., से 35 मील दूर इस ग्राम को अकबर की राजसभा के प्रसिद्ध संगीतज्ञ तानसेन (1532-1599 ई.) का जन्म स्थान माना जाता है। यहां एक प्राचीन शिव मंदिर है जिसके विषय में किंवदंती है कि यह तानसेन के गायन के प्रभाव से टेढ़ा हो गया था। यह आज भी वैसा ही है। आईने अकबरी में अकबरी-दरबार के 36 गायकों की जो सूची दी गई है उसमें 15 ग्वालियर के निवासी थे। इन्हीं में तानसेन भी थे। यह संभव है कि तानसेन मूलत: बेहट के ही रहने वाले रहे हों और पीछे ग्वालियर में जाकर बस गए हों। उनकी समाधि ग्वालियर में अपने संगीत गुरु सूफीसंत मुहम्मद गौस के मकबरे के पास है। [5]

Further reading

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  • Ch Tempal Singh: Behat ka Kila Evam Chhatra Durg, Jat-Veer Smarika, Gwalior, 1992, p.41

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