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Map of Sujangarh in Churu district

Benatha () or Bainatha is a village in Sujangarh tahsil in Churu district in Rajasthan.


The founders

Jat Gotras


Sunari village in Nagaur district was founded by the Birda clan of the Jat community in the 13th century. Four brothers from nearby Benatha village (tah:Sujangarh) insulted the son of Thakur who misbehaved with the sister of the Birda boys and cut off the water required for their cattle. The Birda family left Bainatha village in search of a new home.

When they came to the Marwar region, they saw a Soun Chidi, a Long-tailed Shrike in a Khejri tree on left side of the path. Tradition hold that on seeing a shrike, on the left, the journey should come to a stop. So, they did and decided to halt then and there for the night. At dawn, one of the brothers saw a sheep in the Ker struggling to protect her new born lamb from a pack of three jackals. The family was so moved by the struggle of the sheep that they decided to make that place their new settlement. Initially, the settlement was called Sugnawali after the Soun Chidi. Gradually, Sugnawali became Sunari.

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