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Bhadiar (भडियार)[1] Bhadiyar (भड़ियार) is a clan or gotra of Jats, found in Rajasthan, Punjab (India), Punjab (Pakistan). Bharyar (भड़यार) Jat clan is found in Amritsar. [2] Bhariyar gotra is a branch of the Dhillon gotra.[3]


The gotra is said to be originated from place called Bhadarla (भादरला).[4]


H.A. Rose writes that Bhadiar (भदियार) tribe of Jats in Sialkot claims Solar Rajput origin and is descended from its eponym. Atu, 7th in descent from him, came from Ajudhia and took service under the Rajas of Jammu.[5]

They are also found among the South Asian immigrant communities in the US, and in other parts of the world. In India, most of the families belonging to this gotra of Jats originate from a villages called Rangpur, Panwal , Mehatpur (Previously District Sialkot) and after the partisan in 1947 they settled in and around District Gurdaspur, Hoshiarpur and Amritsar.

Most Bhadiars in India are Sikhs, though there are some Hindus. Bhadiars in Pakistan are mostly Muslims.

Villages in Punjab India

Villages in Punjab India: Bhadiar ( Amritsar ), Bhadiar ( Hoshiarpur ),

Distribution in Punjab Pakistan

The Bhadiar claim Suryavanshi ancestry. Found mainly in Sialkot and Gujrat districts.

Villages in Punjab Pakistan: Bhadiar (Sialkot), Bhadiaranwala Khu(Sialkot).

Distribution in Rajasthan Pakistan

Villages in Pali district

Anandpur Kalu, Deoriya,

Notable persons

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