Bhuma Singh Dhillon

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Bhuma Singh Dhillion (Died 1746), was a famous royal Sikh warrior of the 18th century in Punjab. He was a Jatt of the village of Hung, near Badhni in present day Moga, who won a name for himself in skirmishes with Nadir Shah's troops in 1739. Bhuma Singh's latent genius as an organiser and commander of his men gave a stimulus and growth to his Principality. Historical records indicate he died in the Chhota ghallughara (holocaust) in 1746, while defending the Sikh community, from Afghan attacks. Bhuma Singh was childless so he adopted his nephew as his son, Hari Singh Dhillon. On Bhuma Singh's death in 1746, his nephew and adopted son, Han Singh, assumed the leadership of the Principality.


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