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Birkan is a Muslim Jat clan found in Pakistan.


Jat Gotras Namesake

Mention by Pliny

Pliny[1] mentions Tigris... Below the Eulæus is Elymais44, upon the coast adjoining to Persis, and extending from the river Orates45 to Charax, a distance of two hundred and forty miles. Its towns are Seleucia46 and Socrate47, upon Mount Casyrus. The shore which lies in front of this district is, as we have already stated, rendered inaccessible by mud,48 the rivers Brixa and Ortacea bringing down vast quantities of slime from the interior,—Elymais itself being so marshy that it is impossible to reach Persis that way, unless by going completely round: it is also greatly infested with serpents, which are brought down by the waters of these rivers.

44 Previously mentioned in c. 28.

45 The modern Tab.

46 Now called Camata, according to Parisot.

47 The modern Saurac, according to Parisot. The more general reading is "Sosirate."

48 Our author has nowhere made any such statement as this, for which reason Hardouin thinks that he here refers to the maritime region mentioned in c. 29 of the present Book (p. 69), the name of which Sillig reads as Ciribo. Hardouin would read it as Syrtibolos, and would give it the meaning of the "muddy district of the Syrtes." It is more likely, however, that Pliny has made a slip, and refers to something which, by inadvertence, he has omitted to mention.


Distribution in Pakistan

According to 1901 census the Birkan Population was 130 in Mianwali.

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