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Jat gotras

Ganeshgarh (Dungar Singh Pura) is as under:

Choudhary Khumana Ram Saharan and his family came in this village from Jassana (Nohar) Ch. Khumana Ram had nine sons: One of them whose name was Ch. Rupa Ram remained/residence there. A chair was fixed for Ch. Rupa Ram in the conference hall of the king Maharaja Ganga Singh ji of Bikaner Province, Maharaja Ganga Singh ji was the only first and foremost person who brought Drinking water and Irrigation water of Canal for all the peoples of distt. Ganga Nagar the name of the canal was Gang Nahar. Ch. Rupa Ram had two sons Ch. Baldeva Ram and Ch. Hardeva Ram, Ch. Baldeva Ram had One Son whose name was Ch. Ramjas, Ch. Hardeva Ram had one son whose name was Ch. Kashiram, Ch. Ramjas had established a village in the name of his grand father Ch. Rupa Ram, he put the name of village called Chak Ch. Rupa Ram wala (Jodhi)15/16 LLG , Ch. Ram Jas had donated a building to Govt. Ayurvedic Hospital in the name of Ch. Baldeva Ram Ram Jas Saharan Ayurvedic Hospital, Ganesh Garh, Ch. Ram Jas was a progressive farmer he growed the crops of fruits like Kinnoo, Maltas and Dates, Mangos, Lemon from 1964 to till date. Ch. Ram Jas had good relations and dealings with peoples of the area and also many relatives (Kith & Kin) such as Late Ch. Sahib Ram ji M.L.C,and his younger brother Jan Nayak Ch. Devi Lal ji, Ex, Dy. Prime Minister of India, Ch. Man Phool Singh Bhadu ex-MP Bikaner, Ch.Ranjit Singh ex - MP, & Power and Renewable Energy,Jails Cabinet Minister Haryana Government , Ch. Shiv Lal ji Sheoran Kullar, Ch. Jagdish ji Nehra ex-irrigation minister Haryana and so many political relations in Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan State also. He was a good business man with rich land lord, he had constructed a theater called in the name of PAYAL THEATER in Sri Ganga Nagar,and a Firm in New Dhan Mandi Named as BALDEVARAM RAMJAS & RAMJAS SOHANLAL Shop No.14/60. He has four sons in the name of Ch. Ranbir Singh, Ch. Sohan Lal, Ch. Luxmi Narayan ,Ch. Daya Shankar and Five Grand Sons in the name Mr. Ravi Saharan, Mr, Ranish Saharan, Mr. Manish Saharan, Mr. Rohit Saharan ,Mr.Vaibhav Saharan.and Three Great Grand sons in the name of Mr.Dushyant Saharan ,Master Mohit Saharan and Master Madhav Saharan.

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