Colonel Hans Raj Ruhil

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Colonel Hans Raj Ruhil was born on 15 Aug 1951 in village Dehkora in Distt Rohtak (now Jhajjar). His father late Sh Sardar singh was the first graduate of his village who took pride in the fact that he has been able to impart quality education in the school where he was a head master. Colonel Hans Raj Ruhil also studied in the same school. Colonel Ruhil is the first student of his school to join the National Defence Academy in 1967. He is also the first gazetted officer from his school.


He was commissioned in the Indian Army on 13 June 1971. He took part in the Indo-Pak war in Dec 1971 where he was injured. He took active part in various army operations against insurgents and terrorists. Colonel Hans Raj Ruhil also taught at the Infantry School of the Indian Army from 1975 to 1978.

Colonel Hans Raj Ruhil was critically injured in 1984 while flushing out terrorists. After having been hospitalised for about six months he was again fighting fit. He commanded 121 Infantry Battalion from 1985 to 1989 and 5 Mountain Div Def & Emp coy from 2000 to 2004. He worked as Staff Officer (Legal) in 33 Armd Div from 2004 to 2009. During this time he was also the chairman of Army Public School Hissar.

He also served as Registrar in the well known MERI College of Engineering and Technology at SAMPLA Bahadurgarh in NCR from 2009 to 2012.

With a very analytic mind Colonel Ruhil is an excellent technical analyst of stock markets. He has been able to correctly forecast the booms of 1999 and 2003-2007 as also the melt downs of 1992-93, 2000-2001 and 2008. His forecast of Stock market that it will move up again in latter part of 2009 and will never see the present (March, 2009) low levels again. proved to be perfect. He has now forecast that the Sensex will cross 30,000 mark before the end of next year.


Married to Kamlesh Mann ( M.A.B.Ed) of Village Ghogripur (Distt Karnal). While moving from place to place with her husband, she served in different schools. Her last appointment was Vice Principal of Army School Tenga Valley in Arunachal Pradesh.


Colonel Hans Raj Ruhil has one daughter who is a Dental Surgeon from Kurukshetra University. She is married to Major Vivek Ahlawat (A Mechenical Engr) from Dighal Village.

Present Status

He was Registrar in Singhania University till November 2015, when he was promoted as Pro Vice Chancellor. As Pro Vice Chancellor of the university, he goes our of his way to help the students. He ensures that any student coming to him goes back happily smiling. His motto - "THE BUCK STOPS HERE". He is presently residing at Bahadurgarh. Tele 7027795000. Being an excellent Technical Analyst, he actively manages investment port-folio well.

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