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Dovar (डोवर)/ Davar (डावर)[1]Dawar (दावर)[2] Dowar दोवर[3][4] is gotra of Jats. Dovar clan is in Uttar Pradesh. [5] Dawar (डावर)/Dawari/ Dauri (डावरी) clan is found in Afghanistan.[6] Dauri (दौरी) Dawari (दावरी). — Living on the fertile alluvium of the Tochi valley in Northern Waziristan.[7]


This gotra gets name from people of Mahabharata period called Darva (दार्व) who were known as Dovar in Marwar. [8]


H. W. Bellew writes that The Dawari apparently gave their name to the Zamin Dawar district, or " Dawar territory," on the west bank of the Helmand adjoining Darawat, but are not now found as a separate tribe of that name in this district, though its inhabitants are often called Dawari amongst the people of the country. There is another district called Dawar on the Lidus base of the Suleman range, which was probably peopled from the Zamin Dawar above mentioned...[9]

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