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Dhanoa (धनोवा) Dhnoa (धनोवा) is Gotra of Jats found in Distt Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh and Amritsar in Punjab and in Pakistan.



Distribution in Uttar Pradesh

Village in Jyotiba Phuley Nagar district

Salamatpur is a village in District Jyotiba Phuley Nagar (Amroha) in Uttar Pradesh. Jats of Dhanoa gotra live in this village.


Distribution in Punjab

Dhanoa population is 3,360 in Amritsar district.[1]

Village in Ludhiana district

Talwandi Kalan,

Distribution in Pakistan

The Dhanoa clan came from pre-1947 northern India. After the partition of India and Pakistan, many Dhanoa Jats moved to east Punjab. They are now dispersed throughout Punjab, but mainly reside in the Ropar District.

Notable Persons

  • Birender Singh Dhanoa - Air Force Vice Chief

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