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Dholpalia or Dholpaliya (धोलपालिया) is a village in Laxmangarh tehsil in Sikar district in Rajasthan. It gets name from white lime stone available in this area. It is situated at a distance of 36 km from Sikar town in west direction, 3 km offroad from village Bodlasi. It is a well planned village with no social evils.



It was founded by Ranwa Jats about 150 years back. The Ranwas, who fonded this village were earlier settled in Nathawatpura near Sikar town from where they moved to Bodlasi and later to Dholpalia, to escape from the excesses done by Jagirdars during those days. This was a khalsa village under direct control of Jaipur state.


It is fully a Ranwa Jat's village. There are 70 families of Ranwas and one family each of Kajla and Dhaka gotras. There are no others castes in the village.

Notable persons from this village


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