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Location of Samrala in Ludhiana district

Gagra (गागडा) (Gagda) is a village in Samrala tahsil of Ludhiana district in Punjab.


It is on the Samrala - Khanna road.

Jat Gotras


In Ludhiana distt & on Samrala Chawa raod, Bagli Khurd & Bagli Kalan are two villages of Swaich Jats. Bagli was founded by Bagli who was sister of Purba, a Gill Jat, on whose name village Purba exists near Bagli.

Bagli was married in a Swaich (Siwach) family of village Khanaura, Teh Nehla,Distt Fatehbad of Haryana. Bagli had four sons. They were Sabba,Daggo,Bana & Chaeya.Because of some family problem,Bagli along with her sons came back to her brother in village Purba.At that time because of local traditional rituals,staying of married sister with her brother was not considered as good. So Purba advised her to settle at some distant village. Hence Bagli chose a place at a distance of about 2 kms from Purba where some Naaths were staying & laid the foundation of village Bagli.This Naathan da Dera is still there in village Bagli Kalan.

After years & years,the coming generations of Chaeya & half of the families of Sabba & Daggo moved 1 Km on the South West of Bagli & settled there which became to be known as Bagli Khurd. Main village was recorded as Bagli Kalan in the revenue records.Families of Bana & half of the families of Daggo & Sabba stayed back in Bagli Kalan.

After the name of Bagli four sons, Sabba,Bana,Daggo & Chaeya,there are four Pattis of Swaich Jats in these villages.

Few years later, there was a famine in the Norteren Indian states. During that time Gagda, elder brother in law of Bagli,along with his family came to Bagli in search of prosperity.Bagli & her sons advised him to settle in this area.So with the consent of elders,he founded a new village after his name Gagda which is on the Samrala - Khanna road.

At the time of Mughal empire,half of the village embraced Islam.This mohammeden population migrated to Pakistan in 1947.In place of them refugees came from Pakistan & they were allotted agricultural lands in this village.Because of this half of the population of village Gagda is of non Swaich Jats.

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