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Ghallu (घल्लु)[1][2] Ghallu (घल्लू) [3] Ghal (घल)[4] [5] Gelu (गेलु)[6][7] Gelu (गेलू)[8] is Gotra of Jats found in Punjab, India and in Pakistan.


This gotra originated from people who lived in a group.[9]


H.A. Rose[10] writes that Ghallu (घल्लू), a tribe found in the south-west corner of the Multan district since the Ain-i-Akbari was compiled. It is also numerous in the kārdāris of Bahawalpur and Ahmadpur of Bahawalpur State, as especially in the peshkāri of Uch. Its eponym was a Hindu Rath (Rajput), converted to Islam by Makhdum Jahaniān. From his seven sons sprang as many septs, viz., the Hanbirpotre, Ghanunpotre, Dipāl, Jhāubu, Kurpāl, Kanji and Gujj. The Ghallus in Bahawalpur are both land-owners and cultivators and their tenants and servants are the Gbulāms, once their slaves, a email tribe of unknown origin.

Distribution in Punjab

Villages in Fazilka district

Ghallu, Ghall Khurd, are villages (Fazilka) tahsil.

Villages in Moga district

Ghal Kalan is village in Moga District.

Distribution in Pakistan

Ghallu is A Saraiki-speaking Jat clan found mainly in Multan, Rahim Yar Khan, Bhakkar, Layyah and Muzaffargarh districts. They trace their descent from a Rajput prince.

According to 1911 census Ghallu (घल्लु) Jats are found in Pakistan as a principal Muslim Jat clans with their population in Mianwali District was 1,478 and Muzaffargarh District 1,327.[11]

Notable persons


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