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Location of Ghamuri near Gohad in Bhind District

Ghamuri (घमूरी) is a village and site of Jat Fort in Gohad tahsil of Bhind District in Madhya Pradesh.


Village - Ghamuri (घमूरी), Police station Mau, Tahsil - Gohad, District Bhind M.P. Nearby Villages: Dandarua ,Sinor , Padkoli , Itayalimau , Bhadera

Jat Gotras


Notable persons

  • Bhupendra Singh Rana (Bamroliya) - Resident Seowada, District Datia, Native village Ghumaree, Tehsil Gohad, District Bhind. He is a poet.
  • Thakur Barjor Singh
  • Thakur Megh Singh
  • Thakur Mohan Singh
  • Gulab Singh
  • Jagat Singh
  • Jandel Singh
  • Bachchu Singh
  • Balbir Singh
  • Vijendra Singh
  • Devendra Singh
  • Raghavendra Singh
  • Lokendra Singh
  • Indar Singh
  • Nar Singh
  • Albel Singh
  • Bhupendra Singh.

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