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Ghasola (घसोला) (or Ghasolā) is a Jat village in Charkhi Dadri District, Haryana.

Before 2017, this village was part of Bhiwani district (Charkhi Dadri district was created on 1 November 2016).


It is situated at a distance of about 30 km from Bhiwani city and 2 km from Charkhi Dadri in south direction.


The Ghasola village has population of 3437 of which 1808 are males while 1629 are females (as per Population Census 2011)[1]


It was founded by Chaudhary Ghasiram Chahar in vikram samvat 1150 (1093 AD). It is the birth place of Jat historian Dharmpal Singh Dudee. The village is famous for soldiers, wrestlers and sportsperson. The village has higher secondary school for boys and high school for girls. The village has Sati Mata temple, Dada Samadhwala Temple, Bharon - Bhayan temple and Baba Shivnath Ashram.

Main castes are Jats, Brahmin, Khati, Luhar, Sunar& Harijan.

Jat Gotras

The Jats gotras are Chahar, Ahlawat, Dagar, Dhaka, Dudi, Malha, Grewal, Dhayal, Sangwan, Sheorayan , Vijayrania.

Martyrs from Ghasola

Frist World War 1914-19

Second World War 1939-45

  • Lancenaik Hari Singh Dudee Ex-no 27918, 16BN 6 Rajputna Rifles. Died in Battle honours on 5th nov 1945 age 23 years. Not Married. Singhapure area. 2nd World war. Name on Honoured on Column 11 Singhapure Memorial. Son of Ranjit Singh Dudee and Nand Kaur of village Ghasola- Charkhi Dadri Dist. Bhiwani Haryana.
  • Gunner Jage Ram Dudee, Ex-no 2276, 27 Battery Honkong and Singhpure Royal artillery died on 27 Nov 1945 age 25 Wife Name Sarwati Devi. Son of Ranjit Singh Dudee and Nand Kaur of Village Ghasola - Charkhi Dadri Dist- Bhiwani, Haryana State. WAR HONOURS Commemorated by the Delhi- Karachi 1939-45 War Memorial. His wife Sarwati Devi now alive in village Ghasola and getting war-Widow pension from British Government. The two brothers Hari Singh and Jage Ram age 23/25 years, Died in a same month of Nov 1945 with in 22 days. Hari Singh was unmarried and Jage Ram was married only for 6 months. The Royal H&S Art. was part of British army.
  • Jug Lal Ram, Lance Naik, 18810. 8th Bn. 6th Rajputana Rifles. 3rd February 1943. Age 24. Son of Kanahiya and Sarti; husband of Suraj Kaur, of Ghasola, Jind, India. Face 34.
  • Sepoy Kanhiya Singh and NK. Abey Ram Son of Net Ram Dudi were in Jat Regiment and died during second world war.
  • Sepoy Hira Singh & Hajari Singh son of Harnarayan Dudi of village Ghasola were in Royal Jat Regiment died during 2nd world war.
  • Sepoy Sardar Singh son of Ram Jas Dudi village Ghasola died during 2nd world war. Serving in Rajputana Rifle in Egypt.


Source:- History of Indian Army, France to Kargil, Publisher Shaheed Dham Trust Bhiwani Haryana, India, Author Dharmpal Singh Dudee

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