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For Ghevra village in Jodhpur district (Raj.), please see Ghevara.

Village Gheora or Ghevra (घेवरा) is in Delhi which came into existence when the Kshatriyas (Rana) came here from Chittorgarh and settled down in the 14th century.

Jat Gotras


The village is dominated by JAT community belonging to surname Rana. These Ranas are all decendent of Great MAHARANA PRATAP. There are some families with Dabas gotra also.


Ghevra is an urban village situated in the North-West outskirts of Delhi. The village is well connected via road and rail. Ghevra comes under NCT of Delhi. It has its own Railway station that was built during British times.

The railway station of Ghevra is the first railway station of Delhi that comes when entering Delhi from the West..

The village has very clean and green environment. There are a number of sites in Ghevra and around it that attract visitors.

Religious shrines

It has very beautiful SHIV MANDIR (Temple of Lord Shiva), ISKCON temple is just as close as 4 kms., MATA SHERAWALI MANDIR, SHIRDI SAI MANDIR, SHANI DEV TEMPLE, Historical AZAD HIND GRAM IN MEMORY OF Late freedom fighter SUBHASH CHANDRA BOSE and many more. The famous Hindi film made by Manoj Kumar Upkaar has many scenes from this village.


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