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Location of Dulehra in Jhajjar district

Dulera or Dulehra (दुल्हेड़ा) village in Bahadurgarh tahsil, was previously in Rohtak, now in District Jhajjar in Haryana.

Interestingly, now it falls under Beri constituency of Haryana Vidhan Sabha, which perhaps makes no sense!

This is a large village, situated on the main road (between Bahadurgarh and Jhajjar). Chhudani (छुडाणी), Kharman (खरमाण) Daboda Khurd (डाबोदा खुर्द), Kherka Gujjar (खेड़का गुज्जर) and Kablana (कबलाना) are other neighbouring villages.

Jat gotras

Dulehra was founded many centuries ago, by migrants of Deswal gotra, from village Baliana.

The other neighbouring village is 'Kherka Gujjar' - there also, only one gaut - Deswal.


शिव मंदिर और पुराना "चांधीआळा" कूआं - दुल्हेड़ा

The village has two Govt. high schools, a small polytechnic and a separate boys' primary school, apart from some other private schools. The village has got a branch of a nationalised bank (Punjab National Bank), a post office, a Haryana Police post and a telephone exchange. Being in the NCR region and just 15 kilometres away from Delhi border and the fact that the proposed Kundali-Manesar-Palwal expressway will pass near this village, more developmental activities are in the pipeline. Land prices have gone very high.

Village Dulehra is having water supply system for a group of nearby villages. A very old time SHIVA Mandir road (near the sports stadium) and a committee consisting of all youth of the village are maintaining the Mandir. Recently a Sports Stadium has also come up in neighboring village Kherka Gujjar which will facilitate the youth to create constructive atmosphere.

BABA ASHANAND DERA is also situated on the road and on every Sunday, almost all villagers from Kherka Gujjar and Dulehra pay respect to dera.

The village has a Haryana Govt. dispensary, a veterinary hospital for cattle, two high schools (upto class XII) for boys and girls each, a Govt. Polytechnic institute, post office (PIN Code 124528), a computerised branch of Punjab National Bank, water supply system, and several chaupals. In addition, there are several private schools in the village. There is a telephone exchange (Area code 1276) also for the area, which has started providing Internet services. Major mobile phone companies have set up transmission towers in the village, on account of its prominent location.


According to 2001 census, the population of Dulehra was 7304 (Male: 4054, Female: 3250)[2]


Notable persons

शहीद जयवीर सिंह देशवाल

अखिल भारतीय जाट आरक्षण संघर्ष समिति द्वारा जाट आरक्षण आंदोलन में शहीद हुए हमारे भाई जयबीर देशवाल जो कि गांव दुल्हेड़ा झज्जर से थे, उनकी मूर्ति का आज (25 जून 2017} अनावरण किया गया| इस मौके पर अशोक बल्हारा, कृष्ण हुड्डा, चिंटू छारा तथा झज्जर प्रधान जितेंद्र धनखड़ मौजूद थे|

जाट आरक्षण में कुर्बानी देने वाले इस भाई को शत शत नमन !

इस कुर्बानी को पूरे देश का जाट हमेशा याद रखेगा. !!

संदर्भ - देशवाल समाज भरतपुर

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